Len’s Island – The Caves Guide

This guide will Cover everything to do with the Caves. Most things from here on won’t have spoiler alerts as you would of Discovered most by now. Only a few things will be Spoilere’d so venture forth at your own risk. Here i will tell you what you will Find in the Caves, Resources and Enemies. What lurks Deeper and Little Tips to Help you along the way. It will be Split into Two Parts. First Half being the Caves, The other being The City

Explanatory Guide to Caves

The caves are a mixed bag of feelings, there’s so much adventure yet you will put caution behind every step. The feeling of getting new resources and the feeling of exploring the dark unknown puts a lot on a player. I wonder how you fill find it?

These Caves hold an abundance of new resources for you to acquire. From new foods that you can’t find naturally on the surface to iron shards for you to work on your next weapon. Here is what you will find naturally down here (Remember anything highlighted only has a chance of dropping.):

  • Stone Iron Nodes – Drops stone and iron shards.
  • Stone Coal Nodes – Drops stone and coal
  • Stone Nodes – Drops stone and iron shards
  • Large Stone Nodes – Drops stone and iron shards.
  • Lightstone Nodes – Drops lightstone
  • Barrels – Drops salvaged metal
  • Small Crate – Drops passionfruit and grapes medium crates – drops fibre
  • Chests – Drops salvaged metal, gold, iron shards and lightstone
  • Lightstone Chest – Drops lightstone.
  • Gold Lighstone Chest – Drops lightstone in abundance.
  • Enemies – Dark essence.

The Caves are filled with Many Resources and most Resource spawns won’t be the same the next time you go in, Most of the placement in Lens Island is hand placed but when it Comes to Resources there is some RNG That comes into what Spawns and where it Spawns. No one trip will ever be the same for Resources and that is Especially prominent in the Caves. There are multiple Areas in the caves that are Abundant in Resource Nodes which are worth fighting through to conquer for the Extra resources. There’s also a Lot of Monsters or ‘Voids’ and their spawners. Here are the different types of mobs you will encounter in the Caves.


The smallest of the void creatures. Very small hp, typically hunt in swarms and attack with a small lunge or bite. Can spawn from a spawner.


The general void creature, small hp, runs on all two and hops for an attack, swings for an attack and isn’t too dangerous but can be intimidating. Can spawn from a spawner.


A Large Void Creature, Very fast, Very healthy and Very strong. Can be fought without too much Fuss on its own but if Often paired with other Creatures which can make it a menace.


Is the large void on the island. Is resistant to most slash attacks but takes normal damage from blunt and pierce weapons. Very healthy, very damaging if it catches you, attacks are slow and lots of openings.


The thunderbug is a slow and has a medium health pool. But what it lacks it makes up for in damage, the thunderbug strikes you at point blank for a lot of damage, on its own it isn’t too dangerous but is often paired with other enemies making it a great support to swarms. Very high damage, and reasonable health pool, an enemy to be cautious with.


The big boss at the end of the city section of the caves. Voidboar has a lot of hp, being a boss after all and hits reasonably hard. He has two phases, after loosing a third of his hp he is imbued with lightning and looses the default ‘boar’ attack set in trade for a custom thunder set, his basic swing sends an aoe shockwave through the arena which you can either roll through or jump over. A thunder breath attack which can deal a lot of damage if you are caught in the centre and its charge attack which lets it catch up to fleeing players. Can take a few attempts to beat.

When you first enter the caves you are greeted to a few lamps, a broken bridge and resource nodes to your left. There is a box just next to the entrance on the right so you are free to change your equipment when you feel like it. Following the broken bridge that you can repair from the other side for a small cost of resources. You are free to explore the cave, there are a few noteworthy landmarks within the cave. These landmarks are quite different from the usual places you visit, whilst I won’t give exact directions to these landmarks I will share some details about them.

The upper quarry was a quarry that sits higher in the levels of the cave, it has a a few resource nodes and a brazier that sits in the centre that lights up plenty for you. Up to the tops of it has some void spawners.

Lower down there’s another ‘lower quarry’ section that’s not as detailed but holds the most resource nodes, but also a lot of ankle-biter spawners. With a few normal voids mixed in. Typically the tops of this area has a few barrels as well.

There’s a section that brings you up to a broken down house after rebuilding a ladder, some resource nodes and spawners there. Another similiar one in the cave without a ladder but instead it’s a little hidden and by a jumping puzzle with a few more nodes and spawners on the way.

There are a few more around in the cave’s but you won’t encounter them as much as others and it’s always good to leave a few for player’s to find outside of the guide, but of course if it’s requested I will add every single one with the short descriptions of the areas.

There are many interactables in the caves for you to enjoy. This falls into things such as:

  • Lamps
  • Braziers
  • Lightstone Runes.
  • Notes.

All light sources, lamps and braziers you can light using coal and they will stay lit forever, standing near a brazier will heal you for (5) a tick. Be wary that enemies can also heal from these braziers so combat near them may not always work in your favour. Lightstones on the other hand are important to light, they will allow you to open the gate for the voidboar boss passed the city section.

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