Len’s Island – Ultimate UI Explanatory Guide

This guide will cover lens islands ui across all of it’s menu’s in a general way, including camera modes, what you’ll see and how you will interact. Further also going into explaining little parts and details in the UI for the Ease of the User.

The UI Guide

Len’s Islands UI Is simple, It’s designed to be out of the way and out of the players view as best as it can in an isometric perspective whilst also providing you everything you need. We will cover the UI Here. In this section we will Cover the Backpack, Inventory management, Camera Options and Interactions in your Inventory. To bring up your Inventory press TAB.

This is the Resource section of your Backpack. Your backpack is the bread and butter of your inventory management. This section of your backpack displays what you carry, The White number at the top right (/150) Displays the Maximum you can carry with that Level of Backpack. Hovering over the Icons of the Resources tell’s you what Resource is there and of course this section displays how much you can carry. Once you hit the limit in your backpack and are unable to carry anymore resources, The resources will remain on the ground till pick-up or a loading screen. With Len’s Island having very few forms of Storage aside from your Backpack. Your management of your Resources can be crucial in ensuring you don’t have waste in your Adventures.

This is the food and crop section of your backpack. This includes anything farm related outside of building. In this menu you can drag out your selected food stack in their assigned stack. The number displayed on the icon represents how much you can drag into your hotbar to the max stack. You can take food out your inventory no matter where you are as long as you have that resource available. It follows the same item cap that the backpack carries and will increase on higher level backpacks.

Left (RRS)Right (RRS)Left (Food)Right (Food)
GlassIron ShardsWatermelonRoses
SapphiresSalvaged MetalPassionfruitFlour
LightstoneDark EssenceGrapesBread

The Building Menu. This is your section of your Backpack. This section has 4 tabs that go as follows.

  • General Building Tiles
  • Farming Based Tiles
  • Utility & Storage Section
  • Decorations

This page in your inventory displays the pages of your building needs. These pages in all your building sub-menu’s will have lock icons on them when you first start, this is because you haven’t unlocked it yet. This can be unlocked using the designated resource at a workbench. There are different materials and ways you can build. The three ways you can build are:

  • Wood
  • Stone
  • Ornate

Starting with general building tiles, this will include your foundations, walls, roof tiles, windows, fence’s, balconies and other odds and ends like that. These are the most basic and advanced of all your building ideas so do have fun exploring with these.

Onto farming based tiles these are as they are titled, farm based. This will include your necessities in order to make farming as easy as possible, containing things from a crop plot all the way to a water tower and mill which will help shape the way you harvest and craft in len’s island.

Your utility and storage tabs will contain also as they say, the first thing you will have unlocked in this menu is the bed. This is where you will save and sleep at (outside of the starter raft which contained the bedroll and tool/weapon inventory.) Sleeping allows you to skip nights which can help in speeding up the plants in your process for example. The other important object in your utility is the work bench which will allow you to research new unlocks for your building menu and craft new equipment for your len, this bench can be upgraded with the required amount of resources. Later in your utility and storage you have weapon/tool storage and a place to smelt resources and cook food and for your music tastes, a gramophone is available so you can enjoy the lovely music by ‘lars erik fjøsne-eide’

Lastly decorations which contains the rest of your general building items. Of course these are filled with all the decorative and visually pleasing placeable objects for your home. There’s plenty enough items here to be able to find a match for any home created.

This is the advanced camera menu. To access this open up your inventory tab and press f (you may also open the menu and click screenshot mode to get this.). To open up into this window which will highlight your screen with a blue border. The major features this allows you to do is rotate and move your camera for lovely screenshots. It includes some effects built into the the screenshot mode which is selectable there. This camera mode allows you to get into a bit more advanced building. Whilst holding alt and scrolling on your mouse wheel you may slowly cycle through the height level of building layers. This includes everything down to simply just the floor. It allows you get more angles and precise building in your creations.

The last thing to include here is that if you click on any placeable object you will bring up a little menu. This is primarily used in your general building blocks for the game. This will allow you to upgrade to certain different forms of that block, such as foundations upgrading from wood to stone or even back to wood. Your resources spent will be refunded and exchanged for the equivalent of what that original price of placing down that said object would of been.

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