Lethal Company – Beginners Tips

Tips and Tricks

  • There are multiple entrances/exits, a main one and then fire exits, sometimes the fire exit is closer to the ship and can save you time (or the main entrance is locked off).
  • You can scan with right click and it’ll show you nearby loot frequently, you can also scan monsters and look them up in the computer bestiary to find out tips on how to deal with them.
  • Turning off power, either by removing the rng power device or flicking a switch on a rng found circuit breaker, can open locked doors which is nice if you don’t want to bother the person on cams.
  • You can shut doors on monsters, not sure if it’s all of them but I’ve seen some streamers get away like this, you can be very cautious or you can just run fast and survive, either way is fine.
  • You can fall a good distance so for hill-y maps it might be faster to just walk down some cliffs that don’t damage you.
  • I think there are sometimes useful loot items? Albeit I’ve only seen one.
  • It’s a remote that can I think open doors and stun turrets instead of having someone do it from the ship.
Written by Kyle

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