Liberte – Faction Explanatory Guide

This short guide will show you some useful advices about factions in the Liberte game.

Guide to Factions

Each faction has its own storyline that intersects with all others at key points. Player has a special position in the whole intrigue due to his unique connection to supernatural beings. Each faction wants to use that to their own advantage.

Right now working for one faction does not stop you from later taking up the storyline of another. We plan the story of the game to be contained in 4 mini-campaigns, each for one of the factions, where player learns their story, motivations and intrigues.

In the grand finale player will have to side with one of them and, most importantly, pick the next ruler. Though this grand finale is not yet included in the early access version of the game. The devs still have some stories to tell before that.

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