Library Of Ruina – Guide to Trimming Down Alriune

Do you really hate Alriune? Me too! If you’ve reached Star of the City however, you can trivalize the fight!

Trimming Down Alriune Guide

The Requirements

As I said, if you just reached Star of the City, all you need to do is do a general invitation using 3 books from it. You will get a fight with the Udjat. If you’re fresh into SOTC, I reccomend doing the upper left fight most of all, as its pages are also very useful for this fight and many others.

What you’re looking for is their keypage, which has the bonus:

This will be the key to easy suppression.

The Strategy

This is extremely easy to pull off. The first turn, Alriune will target one person to mark. This person will be the only one that can do damage to her during the fight. Whoever is marked, don’t target her as the crown isn’t applied until the next scene. Instead, focus on dealing good damage to her minions. The person being targeted should conserve their light, though, as they need it to do damage asap.

As soon as the person who gets marked can do damage against her, focus on using your other librarians to rid the field of the other enemies. You’ll have to last until you hit emotion level 1, in which you will hopefully get Laughing Powder.

The End

Once this activates, you’re near immortal for this fight. Don’t get too cocky; still clash against the Mass Summations, otherwise you might end up biting off more than you can chew. But otherwise the fight should be trivial.

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