Liftoff – Bardwell’s Yard Easter Egg Hunt Guide

Heres a simple guide for anyone who wants to get the achievement and I found that Bardwell’s Yard to be pretty easy to find all 6. There isn’t any order so grab them however you like but I will number them.


  • 1st basket – at the end of the driveway by the gate.
  • 2nd basket – up the driveway, in front of the white car, by the basement door of the house.
  • 3rd basket – on the porch, on the white porch swing.
  • 4th basket – easiest way to find this one is to fly high above the white car in the driveway and look behind it to the left of the trees. From there you should be able to see two black tires next to each other, the one closest to the house has a basket that is hard to see.
  • 5th basket – inside the horse stable, at the base of the stairs.
  • Golden Egg – in what I assume to be the backyard there is an open hay storage shed, the egg is in the right of the shed.

Going to all six location will get you this tricky achievement, have fun!

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  1. Thank you so much! I always go to Straw Bale, Minus Two or Dubai Legends for these events, as they’re quite empty so the items are easy to spot, but this time all three failed me, always missed one or two after flying all around the maps multiple times…

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