Like a Dragon: Ishin! – Another Life Tips and Tricks (Farm Life Sim)

Please note: All credit goes to bateluer!

The instructions on the Farm Life sim could have been a little better, but here’s some things I’ve learned so far.

Tips and Tricks to Farm Life Sim

  • The initial instructions will seem to point to fulfilling Orders to get the Ryo for Haruka. But this will seem to quickly hit a wall. I was struggling to figure out how I was even going to make that first Ryo payment when it’d stopped even giving me 1000 mon orders.
  • You’ll have stacks of produce and no where to send them and won’t be able to use most of them for cooking. These can be taken to Ebisu and sold. Most will be in the 100-300 mon per unit range, but some will be much higher.(Ginseng) Small payout, but when you dump a few hundred cucumbers and potatoes, it adds up.
  • Pay attention to the progress meters for growing quantities; eg, 100 cabbages, 100 tomatoes etc. These aren’t just completion checklists. Once completed, they pay out a ton of Virtue. Once you’ve upgraded the growing space a bit, its worth some effort to just stack them with whatever produce you need to get those Virtue points.
  • I have yet to figure out how the Orders are generated. It doesn’t appear to be random, so once you clear out simple produce orders, you may be stuck with requests for Fish or culinary dishes that’ll need to be fulfilled. Its worth the effort to put some Virtue into upgrading the fishing rods and spending some time at all the fishing locations, river and sea, to get those annoying orders out of the way.

Bonus Tips

  • The orders for crop appear to happen in cycles. Like it starts with the cheap crop.
  • Then the next set of orders should make more money. Until the final order, that lets you sell 1 Giseng for >15.000 Mon (much better deal than Ebisu).
  • After that the order sequence starts again with the low payed ones…
  • I ignore the fish and dish orders for the most part because they are tedius to do.
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