Limbus Company – How to Defeat Refraction Railway (Boss #8)

You can’t clash with them because they have too many attacks and always stack 2 attacks on one sinner. Even if you do clash, you end up having to attack their stupidly OP heal crush skill.

How to Kill the Boss

Grab R-corp Heartcliff from somebody if you don’t have and kill them 1 by 1.

Ideal start would be with him having max speed and 3rd skill, so you can clash it and cast fragile on some of the side inquistiors.

Ignore the middle one, his healing won’t be a problem if you don’t waste attacks damaging him, just make sure to down his instinct on first turn a bit and clash “adjust shell”.

After you’ve killed the side ones, gang up on him and beatdown. I’ve managed to do like this with 9 turns.

Note: If you bring resistant dudes to slash/pierce, giving 1-2 instinct to one of them isn’t much of a problem if you think you’ll manage to remove it with ego or smth. Just don’t let them go 3+ stacks.

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