Little Noah: Scion of Paradise – How to Beat Second Boss

Second Boss Guide


I’ll recommend building around what you have instead. Don’t always pick the higher stars and higher pwr equipment.

Choose an element and stick with it. For eg. If you pick fire, pick fire accessories (unless it’s resistance, then you can pick whatever element), try to get dungeons with a boost in fire drop rate, and pick fire lilliputs.

With the right accessories, you can pretty much cheese all content.

Eg. Fire Accessory that increases dmg and skill dmg, increases dmg based on how many fire lilliputs in your team, increases chance to cause burn, increases damage dealt to burnt target by 100%, increases fire damage when below 30% hp, etc. All these stack.

Also note that once you get the same lilliput 3 times in a run, it’ll reach “Max Level” and unlock an ability.

Alot of the 1-2 stars are pretty useful giving passive dps boost while in the inventory, whereas 3 stars usually only give dps boost to its own damage if its in your lineup.

Pick what suits you best, and not always the 3 stars you probably won’t use.

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