Lodventure – First Boss Guide

Eating dirt? Here are some tips.

Guide to First Boss

So, What’s Going On?

The boss will keep spawning two pylons for every player engaged in combat.

For as long as the pylons are intact the boss will be immune to damage.

This is indicated by a yellow shield around him.

If his attacks hits a pylon it will heal and charge the pylon.

When fully charged the pylon emits sparks that stun if you get caught in their path.

Destroy all pylons. Damage the boss. Repeat.

Try to make his attacks miss the pylons if possible.

Sheathing your weapon lets you run faster.

Consuming a bandage also sheathes your weapon. Use this to your advantage.

It’s good practice to spend your first fight just trying to dodge everything.

This way you will learn the patterns and know when the opportunity to strike is right.

Recommended Loadout


  • Hearty +20 Health
  • Firm Grip +10% Damage
  • Speedy +10% Movespeed
  • Agile +25% Roll energy regen
  • Vibrant -25% Fatigue rate
  • Savour +100% Food buff duration


  • Sword “Eleven Cuts”
  • Greataxe “Rend”
  • Crossbow “Lock-on Contraption”


  • Solerite Sword, Greataxe and Crossbow
  • Set of Solerite armor +50 Health
  • Food “Ribs” for +15% Roll energy regen
  • Bandages


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