Lost Ark – All Mokoko Seed Locations (Ankumo Mountain)

This is a guide to find all the Mokoko Seeds in Ankumo Mountain.

Ankumo Mountain – Mokoko Seeds Locations

The Map

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Mokoko Seeds Locations

First Mokoko Seed

The first one is by the old cathedral ruins, right before you go in to where patients is laying on the ground.

Second Mokoko Seed

It’s in the middle of the swamp looking area to the right on the map, in front of some tree stubs.

Third Mokoko Seed

In the middle of the map by the spider eggs.

Fourth Mokoko Seed

All the way to the right in the border watch where the sick people with green smoke are.

Fifth Mokoko Seed

In the middle of the place on the left of the map there’s some kind of watch tower. It’s inside the fence there, just walk around the fence on the right to get to it.

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