Lost Ark – All Mokoko Seed Locations (Mount Zagoras)

This is a guide to find all the Mokoko Seeds in Mount Zagoras.

Mount Zagoras – Mokoko Seeds Locations

The Map

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Mokoko Seeds Locations

First Mokoko Seed

Walk up from the portal to Ozhorn Hill and before you go to the left it’s right there hidden behind a building.

Second Mokoko Seed

Bottom of the map on the left road by the injured soldiers.

Third, Fourth & Fifth Mokoko Seed

There are 3 seeds behind a barrier just a little further down from the second seed. The way to get these 3 is to fight the barricade. These don’t break after a few hits. You will have to just attack it until it breaks. The more people you get to join you the faster it’ll break. When you go inside the barricades will respawn pretty quickly, so you’ll either have to break them again or teleport out of there.

Sixth Mokoko Seed

At the training grounds. It’s easy to see on the ground.

Seventh Mokoko Seed

Left to trees close to the portal to Lakebur.

Eighth Mokoko Seed

All the way to the right of the map inside a little forest.

Ninth Mokoko Seed

In the eastern ruins by the ruins.

Tenth, Eleventh & Twelfth Mokoko Seed

Go to the bottom of the place sticking out of the top of the map and click G to climb down to find the 3 Mokoko Seeds.

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