Lost Ark – Basic Checklist for Getting Stronger

Guide to Get Stronger

Raise your item level.

Get a proper mobbing and a proper bossing build from experienced players on the unofficial Discord. You have two skill presets, so it’s good to have one for both. Don’t make one universal build.

Make sure to have the proper stats for your class and build. Some classes rely heavily on the Specialty stat so you should keep an eye out for these types of accessories while you’re leveling. This is especially the case as you reach the Legendary accessories of each tier. Having the proper combat stats (things like Critical, Specialty, and Agility) is more important than having higher raw base stats (things like Dexterity and HP).

Engravings are extremely important. If you’re using the catch-up accessories that they provided to you, you most likely only have Heavy Armor. You should first check to see if your class and build requires Class Engraving (via class channels in the unofficial Discord). Depending on your region, there should almost always be some sources of Engraving Selection Pouches that you can go after.

Cards are not that important early on. Because offensive bonuses require awakening the cards which you cannot do as a new player, just equip ones that provide HP bonuses or general resistance bonuses. But, be mindful of the good card sets. If you’re a DPS, you may want to join a Discord group for when the merchant for Celia’s card spawns.

When you’re doing Chaos Dungeon, sometimes you might drop a weapon that has significantly better quality than yours. If the quality difference accounts for a large difference in Additional Damage, then you should consider succeeding into that item. It’s free damage.

Get more skill points. Skill points that you obtain from drinking a potion are account-wide. Skill points from leveling up are specific to the character.

Obtain runes. All runes that you obtain are account-wide.

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