Lost Ark – Beginner Guide (Before Tier 2)

This guide includes some useful info for newbies before they starts tier 2.

First Steps for New Players

Before T2 (Tier 2), it’s not important to select a main character. Starting from T2, you kind of have to pick a main character. But, when it’s time to transition to T3, if you don’t like your choice, you can switch it. Once you pick your ‘main’ in T3, it’s challenging to switch your main. Up until T3, changing mains is no problem, so play as many characters as you want.

Follow the main questline (orange). You can skip yellow quests. After you finish East Luterra and can sail, do not skip continents. Your main quest is now blue world quests. This means you should complete both Tortoyk and Anikka before you sail to Arthetine.

You no longer need to complete any side quests in order to reach level 50. The recent patch has made it so that the main quest and the blue world quests alone are enough to reach level 50. No red emergency quests or yellow quests are needed at all anymore.

After completing a few quests in North Vern, you should be able to visit Beatrice in Trixion to obtain your level 50 skill and Awakening (ultimate ability).

Complete daily Una’s Task and take your Weekly Una’s Tasks. Short term, you should just take the Una’s Tasks that give you Leap Stones or Fragments, as they are an essential item used for upgrading equipment that you frequently bottleneck on.

Rewards will increase and transform as you reach certain item level thresholds. Your daily and weekly Una’s Tasks will grant more Silver and higher tier stones as your level increases.

If your server is NA/EU, the goal is to raise as many characters as you want to reach item level 600 (+15 median). No higher than this, even if the item level cap is 725. This is because this is a set-up for T2, and by having multiple characters at 600, you can begin generating relevant upgrading materials for T2 immediately.

Likewise, when you reach T2, the goal is to bring these same characters to item level 1100 and then stop. This once again is a set-up for having multiple T3 characters. If you don’t set-up alts to reach this level, they will not generate relevant materials for your main.

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