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[Difficulty: Patience] – [Time Required: ~5 minutes/day to Eternity]

Rapport is essentially the dating sim of Lost Ark (yup!). Rapport can be progressed with daily visits to the npcs (5+1 Emotes, & 5+1 Songs [DAILY, +1 from Crystalline Aura]) and through gifts which are unlimited but mainly received from Events, Collectible Rewards, Una Rewards, Compass Islands and bought from Carnelia (‘heart token’) vendors. Rapporting is mandatory for skillpoints and Ignea Tokens and takes a very long time to max out.

Note that Carnelians can be farmed with alts (Una Reward) so grinding is possible to a certain extent. Rapporting also requires personality stats which are received mainly from Adventure Tomes and Achievements while also completing rapports all over Arkesia.

Chaos Dungeons

[Difficulty: Very Easy] – [Time Required: ~10 minutes/ 2 clears / day]

Chaos Dungeons are very similar to ‘Nephalim Rifts’ in Diablo 3 where you kill bunch of monsters and bosses and gather loot. These are doable twice per day for a lot of materials to progress your character with. Chaos Dungeons are subject to daily bonus (stored Chaos Energy) which you can read about on the checklist page. Almost everyone wrecks these solo and for supports you should always have a ‘chaos build’ to clear them smoothly.

After you’ve completed the 2 daily runs the dungeon changes into Infinite Chaos Dungeon. From Infinite you can collect bound accessories and special currency used to purchase items from the Chaos Dungeon vendor. This is one grindable source that allows you to get your first engravings up to +6 (Rare) by buying the 20 Uncommon book boxes from T1 ‘tab’ and 20 Rare book boxes from T2 ‘tab’.

You can also further farm materials from Infinite but the effiency vs. time spent is pretty awful. Some of the materials are tradeable though which means there’s gold-making potential especially in T3 (Vendor resets weekly for materials).


[Difficulty: Easy] – [Time Required: 10~15 minutes/clear, limited by ‘entry tickets’]

Paths are essentially Boss Rushes where you will fight 20 rounds of boss monsters back-to-back. These are 1 to 4 players content that is usually ran solo unless you are assiting or being assisted by someone. While these fights have limited consumables akin to Guardian Raids, they are quite easy and allow you to respawn for free upon dieing.

The only thing you will have to pay attention is the round timer to get to the max rounds and max rewards. Paths are extremely good source for bound upgrading crystals but unfortunately these cannot be turned to gold outside getting rewarded for assisting another player. The entry tickets are gained mainly from Chaos Dungeon but also given by events and the cash-shop…

Guardian Raids

[Difficulty: Normal to Very Hard] – [Time Required: 20-30 minutes / 2 kills / day]

Guardian Raids are ‘monster hunter’ style content that can be completed twice per day per character and are subject to daily bonus (stored Loot Souls). It’s a scaling content (1 to 4 players) but generally safer to run with more players from Stage 3-2 onwards. In GRs you can only use limited special tools (inc. ‘special’ potions) so you’ll have to focus in staying alive and avoid any extra damage while still dealing with a plethora of mechanics.

Before approaching these fights with a group it is suggested (esp. from S3-2 onwards) to read about the key mechanics instead of going in blind. The normal patterns can usually be learned on the go but the mechanics may be either lethal or severely screw you up.

Abyss Dungeons

[Difficulty: Hard] – [Time Required: ~15 minutes / dungeon / week]

Abyss Dungeons are weekly 4-man content that can be completed once per week per character. You will receive gold reward for completion at most 6 characters per week per account. Abyss Dungeons are similar to Guardian Raids in their item restrictions except you are not allowed to use resurrection feathers at all. This means you will have to focus on staying alive while also defeating the bosses before hitting the enrage timers.

Abyss Dungeons are known for their mechanics and these are very important to learn about before heading to the dungeon. For example in Yorn there’s an Abyss Boss that destroys the whole party, if you mess up a single mechanic, and as such these can be VERY lethal.

Abyss Raid

[Difficulty: Hard to Very Hard] – [Time Required: ~15 minutes / phase / week]

Abyss Raids are 8-man weekly content that can be completed once per week per character. You will receive gold reward for completion at most 6 characters per week per account. Abyss Raids are really what you would consider a raid in an MMORPG. You ‘need’ to have a group of 8 players with preferably 2 supports and you will need to follow many mechanics.

Going in these blind is bound to be a hard time and it’s suggested to learn the key mechanics (especially party wipes) before entering in PUGs. The current Abyss Raid (Argos) is split into 3 phases of which you can complete as many as you have enough item level for.

Usually the group is formed with P1 (1370) / P2 (1385) / P3 (1400) in the topic so you’ll know which one the group is aiming to beat. Giving up on the raid after completing any number of phases spends your entry for that week for that character unless most of the raids votes to not the rewards and abandon.

Legion Raids

[Difficulty: Very Hard to Near Impossible] – [Time Required: ~40 minutes / raid / week]

Legion Raids in Lost Ark are what you would call the hardest difficulty raids in MMORPGs outside pure ‘challenge modes’. The easist comparisons are Savage raids in FFXIV or Mythic Raids in WoW. These raids require significant preparations, understanding and execution of variety of mechanics. Messing up a key mechanic almost always leads to a wipe and it’s extremely hard to carry the raids without full co-op from the group. LRs can require certain consumable items and are almost essentialy to run with 2 supports.

Legion Raids are 4-8 man weekly content which reward the best items and significant amount of gold each week for up to 6 characters a week.

Disclaimer: These are not all of the content in Lost Ark but the most applicable ones related to your progress.

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