Lost Ark – Gems Guide

What Are Gems and Are There Different Kinds of Gems?

Gems are one way of horizontal progression in Lost Ark. You will see gems for the first time in Tier 2 (Yorn) where there will be BLUE gems. Once you reach Tier 3 (Punika) the blue gems will eventually get replaced by the orange T3 gems.

The rarities on gems are simply based on the LV of the gem and have no significance on its’ own. You will most of the time get LV1 or LV2 gems with certain island events offering even LV5 gems as rewards. To upgrade gems you need three gems of the same level to upgrade it to the next level.

There are only two types of gems: the Cooldown Reduction (CDR) and Damage gems which both will usually affect only one skill, although there are few exceptions like the Destroyers ‘gravity field skills’ gem. Gems are tradeable and can be a lucrative source for GOLD.

Gem Upgrade function can be found from your inventory view.

Total Gem Slots Per Character – 11

How Are Alts Useful for Gems?

Since gems are mainly gained from Chaos Dungeons and the ‘Boss Paths’ that can be accessed with random drop tickets from Chaos Dungeon it comes without saying that Chaos Dungeons are an insanely good source for gems.

Since you can only run 2 Chaos Dungeons per day per character alts become a very good source for faming a lot of gems relatively quickly. Since you can freely trade gems you can either funnel them to your main (to upgrade his/her gems) or you can sell the gems on the market to other players for GOLD.

More alts => More gems => More gold => Happy Main.

How Many Gems Do I Need to ‘Max Out’ and How Much Power Do They Give?

LV1 Gems for Full Set


LV1 Gems RequiredCooldown Reduction %Damage %
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