Lost Ark – Gold Purple Quest Walkthrough

Gold Purple Quest Guide

Yes, I said Gold! This quest is LONG and you will travel across the map constantly. However, for 3k gold in the long run plus other great materials!…. I feel that it’s worth it.

Please note! If you have an open slot in your compass book found beneath your minimap, you can save one of the islands as a location for easy travel. At least to one of the islands.


 After completing the North Bern questline you can return to Rainia Village and accept a purple quest from one of the NPC’s located in the Adventures Guild. This quest will take you to your first island. 

First Island

Dense Fog Ridge – Complete the purple quest around the island, yes you will run around and no you can’t use your mount…. Sucks, but hey remember it’s for the gold. After completing the quest head to the closest MAJOR city ( North Bern) and gather a party and head towards the Guardian Raid Sign so you can fight Lumerous. After completing you will then obtain gold.

Second Island

You will have no indication that you will need to head to another island after defeating Lumerous. Next head to The Cradle of Cold Island, which can be found North of Arthatine and East of Sushire. Head through the icy waters and head onto the island of cold. Please note if you have a low-level boat, there is a fishing village ( The pyramids on the map) you can spend 150 Pirate Gold and you can dock there for a certain amount of time and repair your ship before continuing.

Once on the Cradle of Cold, complete the purple questline and deal with one of the guardians slightly. Head back to a MAJOR town and queue up to slay Legioros of Frost. After completing the guardian raid, you’ll return to the Cradle of Cold, continue the quest, and once more you’ll find yourself having to fight another guardian. Beritas.

Third Island

Sail towards the Moaning Wastelands which is North of East Lutheran located in the muddy waters of the Gulf of Lutheria. This is where you will complete the purple quest on the island and head to the next MAJOR city. Get ready to fight Cromanium. Complete the raid and after you will need to return to the island where you will complete the purple quest once again. After you head once more to the closest city (East Lutheran) and you will need to fight the next guardian Nekrasena. Once completed you will collect your gold.

Fourth Island

You will find the next part of the quest just South of Rohendel at an island called Flaming Scar. You will complete the purple quest once more and after you’ve finished. You will need to find your way back to the closest major town. Here you will queue up and fight Aceria.


Next part of this quest you will not be heading to an island…. You will be heading to Arthetine. Once there head to Rize Waterfall and go to the Swirl Observatory, this is the closest portal to the Crimson Waste. Complete the purple quest, head back to Stern, and qeueu up and fight Thantalos. Major hint! Tack two stacks of the sandstorm, when he starts his AOE, jump into the sandstorm and gain invulnerability.

Fifth Island

For this quest, you will need to head back to Dense Fog Ridge. Once more like clockwork, you’ll find yourself completing the purple quests once again that lead you around the island. Once the quest is completed you’ll head to the nearest Guardian board so you can take on Shadow Legioros.

Sixth Island

This step will take you back towards Rohendel, you’ll be visiting the Flaming Scar once again. Here as before you run through the purple questline. Once finished return to a major hub and let’s queue up a Guardian Raid for Hellgaia.

Seventh Island

As before you will head to your next Island. Once again you will be visiting the icy depth of the Cradle of Cold. After completing your Purple questline head to the closest major city. Here, gather a party and queue up to fight Kalventooth.


Back to the Cybercity of Stern. Head towards the Crimson Waste and follow the purple quest chain. You will notice the incline of gold! After that, head back to Cybercity and queue up to fight Ashates. Hint, break his wings!

Eighth Island

Let’s boat along towards the Cradle of Cold once more. Please note if you have a compass slot it might be smart to add one of these islands to a free slot. Easy teleportation mode activated! After completing the purple questline head to the closest major city and queue up to fight Hellgaia of Cold.

Ninth Island

Over towards Rohendel we go! Flame Scar Island, we return to. You need to show the NPC a Superior Recovery Potion. Go to your estate and craft a superior recovery potion, if you need mats go to Slysburg. Please finish the purple questline and after completion head towards the city where you can queue up to fight guardians. When ready let’s fight Volcanic Cromanium.

Tenth Island

Back to Dense Fog Ridge, complete the purple questline before heading to North Bern. Once in North Bern, you will gather your raid group to defeat Levanos.

Eleventh Island

Moaning Wastelands we’ve returned! This island, if you don’t remember, is located by East Lutheran in the Muddy Waters. Complete the quest before heading to fight your next guardian. This guardian will be Elbergast.


Back to the overwhelming heat of the Crimson Waste. Complete your purple quest before heading into the Cybercity where you will gather your party and take on Nekrasena Project.

Twelfth Island

Back towards Rohendel and to the flaming hot island known as the Flaming Scar. Complete the questline before heading to Rohendel so you can gather your crew and take on Igrexion.

Thirteenth Island

Dark Aceria…

Fourteenth Island

Back towards the cove stuck between North and South Bern. Do you remember the name? Dense Fog Ridge, you got it! Complete your quest line before heading back to North Bern so you can take on Belganus.

Fifteenth Island

Back down towards East Lutheran and the Muddy waters to the Moaning Wasteland. Here you once again like clockwork will complete your purple quest. Once finished you’ll head to East Lutheran so you can do yet again another guardian raid. This time you’ll be taking on Descaluda.

Last and Final Island

Head back towards the Cradle of Cold. Complete the quest before heading into Stern so you and your party can take on Ice Cromanium.

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