Lost Ark – Mage Class: Sorceress FAQ

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Why should I play this class?

Sorceress focuses mostly on dealing damage, and it’s the closest that Lost Ark has to offer to a spell-focused mage class with elemental attributes. This class is fairly squishy and it doesn’t have anything that gets you into parties for free (like desirable synergies or good utility), but it can be very fun if you’re traditionally a mage player.

How does my identity work?

Her identity consists of a single bar which can be used for either Z – Arcane Rupture or X – Blink, depending on which build you choose. Every hit you land will generate varying amounts of meter. Arcane Rupture‘s effect is different based on how much meter you have when you cast it, while using Blink allows you to teleport to your cursor while ignoring collision.

How do I decide on a build?

Both have their strengths and weaknesses. It’s a matter of personal preference.

Here’s a short summary of the builds.


Classic big spell caster type.


  • True frontloaded burst
  • Good destruction kit
  • Relatively low APM


  • Very expensive
  • Low mobility
  • Harsh punishment for missing
  • Reliant on a good support


Mobile spellslinger archetype.


  • High APM
  • Very high mobility
  • Cheap


  • Constant DPS in a burst favored environment
  • Reliant on Boundless MP
  • Relatively bad reputation

What are the key pieces of my build?

Wealth & Galewind

Igniter requires Wealth Runes to build their meter. This build is not recommended without access to multiple Wealths.

Both Igniter and Reflux make good use of Galewind runes to speed up their rotation flow.

Skill Points

Skill points are important for both builds, but while Igniter can get away with enough to max 3 – 4 skills, Reflux has a more evenly spread damage distribution and needs almost every skill as high as possible.

Why is Yearning important?

It’s considered a part of a build despite not being on your character.

Swamp of Yearning is used by supports and gives +8/10/12% Damage and Attack/Move speed to the party.



Igniter mainly focuses on casting spells that deal high damage, with the rest of the kit working to empower those spells.

Gear Set

The default Relic set is Hallucination 6-piece.

Nightmare 6-piece can be an option based on your party comp.

Hallucination provides higher average DPS and consistency due to its high native Crit Rate. It is at risk of running out of mana if your support isn’t good, but that can be circumvented with tripods or MP food.

Nightmare has more damage potential, but requires multiple Crit synergies and high MP regen uptime from a support in order to realize it. Without a good party and MP food, it is inconsistent and will perform worse than Hallucination.

This set also opens up the possibility to play around Boundless MP in order to rotate faster, but it’s recommended that you have a good understanding of the class, mana management, and the game in general before diving into that.



Reflux focuses on directly empowering its spells and increasing their cast count, while also allowing access to unparalleled mobility and flexibility in party compositions.

Gear Set

Our core Relic set is Nightmare 6-piece. It supplies you with unlimited mana recovery and high Cooldown Reduction, allowing for a high APM playstyle.

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