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Why should I play this class?

The Summoner is a ranged caster who offers a wide variety of skills and tools that are beneficial in any scenario. She provides strong, consistent damage uptime with very little skill required to maintain it, making her an excellent class for learning and progressing through new raids. Due to her high Stagger and Weakpoint damage, she brings significant value to the party. The Summoner is like the Swiss Army Knife of mages, allowing for flexibility in all encounters.

How does my identity work?

The Summoner’s identity consists of 5 Ancient Spirit Summons and utilizes Orbs, known as Ancient Energy, as a cost for each summon. Ancient energy represents a unique resource that must be accumulated and managed to effectively deploy these powerful summons. 

The Master Summoner engraving enhances each Ancient Spirit by adding secondary effects as well as additional visual effects, further distinguishing this playstyle.

How do I decide on a build? 

Both have their strengths and weaknesses; it’s a matter of personal preference. Below is a short summary of the builds. For further information, please read their respective sections in this document.

Master Summoner

Focuses on identity generation and big bursts summoning large summons.


  • High Burst (with awakening)
  • Identity Generation for Utility
  • Highest Damage Potential
  • Non-Directional
  • Better synergy uptime


  • Slow and No Mobility
  • High Cooldowns

Communication Overflow

Focuses on fast movement and gameplay spamming minor summons.


  • Spammy
  • High Attack and Move Speed
  • Consistent
  • Non-Directional


  • Expensive for gems
  • Less Identity Utility/Generation
  • Poor Mobility
  • High Spam/Micro Management

What are the key pieces of my build?


Summoner always needs to hit a minimum 60% crit rate to make Keen Blunt Weapon 16% damage increase. Since she does not have any built in crit damage, KBW is a core engraving for her as it has very good scaling potential the more crit you have. For swift builds you only need to hit 1630 swiftness minimum for +28% movement speed allowing you to hit cap movement speed with level 3 yearning set buff from supports.


The Spec Master Summoner greatly benefits from Wealth Runes and high Specialization to build its Ancient Energy. Higher Specialization not only allows a bigger margin of error for Ancient Energy management but also increases damage output. Master Summoner is the class with the highest Specialization scaling in the game. Shurdi will consistently maintain 100% bleed uptime for any summoner build.

The Communication Overflow skill will benefit greatly from Quick Recharge runes, which can proc off both the summoning of a pet and the usage of their active skill.

Skill Points & Tripods

High Amount of Skill Points, you have to spec pretty far into the most skills. Summoner also needs level 4-5 tripods. Especially on her key tripods like Quick Prep on , attack power increase tripods on and most importantly the crit tripod on .

Why is Yearning important?

It’s considered a part of a build despite not being on your character. Swamp of Yearning is used by supports and gives +8/10/12% Damage and Attack/Move speed to the party. This is a Relic Set they use that has a golden ring.

Master Summoner

Should I go Spec/Crit or Spec/Swift

Both specs do very respectable damage but Spec/Crit edges out on Spec/Swift by about 4% but the difference can be bigger on shorter fights due to the higher crit and making the CDR on the swift build less effective.

Spec/Crit does require more investment, mainly the gems. It is recommended to play Spec/Crit if you CD gems at LVL 9 or higher. You can play it with lower gems but would not feel as good as Spec/Swift.

If you are planning to get your Summoner to Voldis. It is highly recommended to switch to Spec/Crit because the elixir that both builds go will benefit Spec/Crit more due to higher efficiency on the elixir.

How many DMG/CD gems do I need?

There are both mandatory and optional gems. If you prefer having a bit more damage even if it means slightly longer cooldowns, consider opting for damage gems. You can use up to 6 damage gems, although the gameplay may feel more cumbersome compared to using 7-8 cooldown (CD) gems. However, using up to 5 damage gems is generally comfortable. Incorporating Quick Recharge runes can significantly offset the cooldown reduction. If you’re playing a Spec Swift MS Summoner, you can afford more damage gems due to the higher cooldown reduction compared to the Spec Crit variant.w

Can I play this as an alt?

Seeing that you really only need to focus on one damage gem might be appealing as a cheap alt. However if you want to play this build effectively it really only shines with high Spec and high level CDR gems to have a proper rotation with consistent uptime. If you do want to play this as an alt, going Spec/Swift is recommended

Is Swift MS a viable build?

Yes, it does comparable dmg to Spec/Swift MS if you have the uptime. You can opt for +1 HM and lvl 3 adrenaline if you have the critical set.

Is Salvation still a viable build?

Short answer: No

Communication Overflow

Is Summoner a good alt if she is expensive?

Summoner is not an overly expensive alt anymore with express events mostly hitting most gear points you would need.

Is Communication Overflow easy?

Difficulty is very subjective in this game so it’s hard to really say what makes a class difficult, as some people may find emperor arcana difficult while others find it very easy. Generally CO is not an easy class being a high apm with easy to miss abilities having to manage many things at a time. Overall MS and CO are about similar difficulty and you could swing either way on which is harder for you based on many factors.

Can I run the Nightmare set?

No, Nightmare is awful for Communication Overflow (and summoner in general). Reason being is that a lot of her DPS output does not use mana (awakening, pet actives, and identity) therefore not getting the damage bonus from Nightmare. This makes Nightmare an awful choice for Summoner

Can I replace Adrenaline?

No, you are heavily reliant on critting and it is a DPS loss, this is mainly because of the KBW efficiency.

Do I need double class engraving?

Early on you do not need to run double class engraving, especially if you are not a huge spender/lucky to force a 9/7 rock to build 5×3 +1 pre-ancient. However once you are 1540 it allows us to build +1 engraving very easily. Our best +1 engraving is Master Summoner because of the value it offers making every other engraving weaker in comparison currently. Unfortunately the best damage to get out of a build running co uses ms3+co3, but this is more of a swift ms build than a co build, to run this drop adren to 1.

Conviction and Judgment? What’s that?

  • Conviction – Chance to proc on hit with the skill it is attached to and gain a ‘Conviction’ Buff.
  • Judgment – Chance to proc on hit with the skill it is attached to and gain a ‘Judgment’ Buff. Consumes Conviction. When consumed, gain Combat Resource Recovery by 100% and reduce skill cooldowns by 15% (multiplicative) for 6 seconds. 30 sec cooldown on buff ending until ‘Conviction’ can proc again.

We use this to make sure we don’t run out of mana. It also helps a bit with cooldowns.

Any gem or tripod requirements?

Level 7 gems are just enough to be viable.

For tripods, get high value ones to 5 as soon as possible (with lvl 5 wish amulets it shouldn’t be too hard), the rest are viable at 4 and slowly get them up as you play.

What happened to Charming and Salvation builds?

These two builds have mostly become redundant with express events launching you past any point you’d be using either build.

Which elixir set is best?

In general both “Master” and “Critical” are almost equal on co, hovering around 76+% crit rate w/o a synergy you easily hit the point where damage on crit becomes better than crit rate + add damage when you have a crit synergy, when you don’t have a crit synergy then master is slightly ahead.

This changes if you have a really good bracelet though and are able to hit the 80%+ range w/o a synergy in which case “Critical” will become better in a majority of scenarios.

Precision Fire or Charge Command Maririn?

Precision Fire + wealth/judgment is easier to recommend and easier to play around. It does respectable damage and if you’re wanting to have a slightly lower effort playstyle it’s worth taking.

Charge Command + Quick Recharge is the higher ceiling setup, it results in 2%+ more dps than precision fire setup depending on the fight and your luck, more mostly due to qr procs and being able to often get Maririn back up before she expires. It is more effort due to not just spamming maririn’s active but also qr procs causing you to spam everything else more as well. If higher effort does not bother you and you want max apm playstyle and higher ceiling go for this instead of precision fire.

I sincerely hope this was helpful. Good luck to you!

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