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Glaivier in a nutshell

Here’s a short summary of the builds. For more information, read their respective sections.



  • Semi-bursty back attacker that plays around stance swapping.
  • 10s cast time and 9s downtime per rotation.
  • 9s cast, 7s downtime with Swift Neck.


  • Fast movement speed
  • Mobility skills
  • Some ranged skills
  • Big numbers
  • Burst works well with downtime
  • Lots of utility skills; 2 counters and a parry skill


  • Slow skill casts
  • Depends more on Skill Points than other builds
  • Expensive to build



  • Swiftly sticks to the enemy’s back, spamming lots of multi-hit skills.
  • 9s cast time and 1s downtime mid-rotation, per rotation.


  • Fast movement speed
  • Mobility skills
  • Some ranged skills
  • Smooth rotation
  • ~15% higher ceiling than Pinnacle
  • Easy to play, hard to master
  • Cheap to build


  • Very high mana drain
  • Loses a lot of DPS to downtime


Which skills for lvl8 event gems?

  • Cooldown: Red Dragon’s Horn and Starfall Pounce.
  • For damage just follow DPS distribution.

How do I prioritize Galewind Rune usage?

  • Generally you’ll wanna put the higher rarity runes on the skills with longer cast times.
  • Lack of Paralysis Immunity is also a consideration, if a skill gets interrupted easier it gains priority.

Why is SBD Quick Prep at Lv.1 and not Lv.5?

Cooldown of Shackling Blue Dragon with Quick Prep Lv.1 is 24s, same as all the damage skills that use cooldown gems.

This means the cooldowns align perfectly, allowing seamless rotation without worry.

Without perfect alignment you’d need to either track the CD or check the icon CD on the Identity, both of which can result in overlapping CDs due to margins of error, reducing DPS.

I have unused Tripod slots, can I use SBD Quick Prep Lv.5?

  • Quick Prep Lv.5 is only good with Lv.10 CD gems on RDH, Thrust & SFP (+RDS).
  • Shackling Blue Dragon cooldown: 30s – 11s (Quick Prep 5) = 19s
  • RDH, Thrust & SFP (+RDS) cooldown: 24s – 20% (Lv.10 CD Gem) = 19.2s

Using CD Gems lower than Lv.10 with Quick Prep Lv.5 is not recommended as each level down increases the gap between Shackling and damage skills by ~0.5s.

What do I do with my final gem slot?

With lvl10 gems on the 3 Red skills+RDS you can drop the SBD gem and use the lvl5 QP tripod, opening up a gem slot. None of your other skills need a CD gem, so just put it on any skill you want to for utility. Dragonscale Defense is a popular choice.

Additionally, if you run the Cooldown tripod on RDS you can drop the CD gem on RDS for something else, if you want to.


Which skills for lvl8 event gems?

  • Cooldown: Soul Cutter and Chain Slash.
  • For damage just follow DPS distribution.

What can I do about mana problems?

  • The new default build with 1 Crit ring doesn’t have severe mana problems anymore.
  • They’re mostly noticeable when you’re missing a support, as long as you have all the high rarity mana runes.
  • But if you’re missing some runes and/or are below lvl60 (mana increases as you level) then you can alleviate the issues by eating mana food.

Do I need to swap Cursed Doll to KBW?

  • No. KBW is a small damage increase over Cursed Doll.
  • The biggest benefit of KBW comes in the form of not gimping your healing.
  • So just keep Cursed Doll in your setup if you already have it and are okay with the downside.

How do I make my build as cheap as possible?

  • You want the most expensive engravings on books and the ones after that on the Ability Stone.
  • Engraving cost: Control > Grudge = KBW > Raid Captain > Ambush Master
  • So ideally you’d want Control+KBW/Grudge books and Raid Captain+KBW/Grudge stone.
  • Grudge on Books vs Stone will depend on the market, sometimes Grudge 6 accessories are cheaper, so you’d put it on Stone instead of Books.
  • Then after you’ve got your 14+ node stone (10/4, 9/5, 8/6 or 7/7) you start buying accessories in order of cost, from most expensive to cheapest. Class accessory and Necklace tends to be the most expensive pieces.
  • Use an engraving planner to make sure you get the correct nodes on the accessories.
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