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Why should I play this class?

Scrapper does well with minimal investment. The class identity is the simplest out of all the classes and both builds are simple to play, making it one of the best beginner DPS classes to pick up.

Her stagger, destruction, and mobility are all above average as well, with her DPS synergy being the only mediocre aspect. The main rotation for a Scrapper is to apply your synergy and then press your damage skills – there is minimal setup required to output damage for this class. Scrapper is a back attacker class and will require smart positioning on top of playing in melee range of the boss.

How does my identity work?

Her identity consists of two separate bars, Stamina and Shock, and an identity gauge in the middle called Tenacity Release.

Stamina skills cost stamina, and generate Shock meter. These skills are generally quick and do medium damage. Shock skills cost shock meter, and generate Stamina. These skills are slow and hard hitting.

All skills fill up the Tenacity Release meter when hitting an enemy. After filling it up, you can activate it with your identity key (Z) to enter Tenacity Release State for 10s.

Upon activation you get the following effects for the duration:

  • 6% damage synergy is applied to nearby enemies for 10s (does not stack with our other synergy)
  • Mobility skill cooldown is reset, and the cooldown is halved when used in this state.
  • Stamina and Shock bars are refilled and cannot be depleted.
  • 20% Increased stagger

The two class engravings provide additional effects when in identity:

  • Shock Training – 20% increased attack speed. Identity duration decreased to 5 seconds.
  • Taijutsu – Paralysis and Status immunity, +20% stagger buff.

While Tenacity Release does not provide direct damage buffs, a few of the core skills for both builds have tripods that increase the damage of that skill while in identity.

Why is Yearning important?

It’s considered a part of a build despite not being on your character.

Swamp of Yearning is used by supports and gives +8/10/12% Damage and Attack/Move speed to the party. This is a Relic Set they use that has a golden ring.

What’s special about our spacebar?

You have two spacebar dashes. If you use both, you will go on a 10.0s cooldown. If you use only one, you will go on a 5.0s cooldown after 2.0s have elapsed without pressing the spacebar again. You can move in any direction with either spacebar dash.

Shock Training


Shock Training Scrapper plays around building Shock Meter while applying synergy, then unleashing slow but powerful shock skills from behind a target for heavy burst damage. There is no real rotation, and the raw defensive stats of this class are the third highest in the game allowing for a simple and forgiving playstyle.


Here are the Engravings you should aim to use, and why you would choose specific combinations of Engravings to make a build.


Shock Training

  • +10/15/20% Shock Damage
  • +5/10/20% of Consumed Shock Gauge Refunded
  • +20% Attack Speed in Identity
  • -50% Identity Duration
  • Provides a significant damage increase to all Shock skills.
  • The Shock Gauge refund allows for smooth skill rotations.
  • Attack Speed in Identity helps with using all skills in burst windows.


  • +4/10/20% Damage
  • +20% Received Damage

This is the best permanent damage engraving that every DPS class should get.

Ambush Master

  • +5/15/25% Damage to Back Attacks

All of our attacks are back attacks, making this a must have engraving because of its high damage increase.


  • +0.3/0.6/1% Attack Power per Stack
  • +5/10/15% Crit Rate at Max (6) Stacks
  • Provides necessary crit rate with additional Attack Power making this a very efficient engraving.
  • Can be easily maintained by Charging Blow or Roundup Sweep.

Pick One

Keen Blunt Weapon

  • +10/25/50% Crit Damage
  • -2% Damage
  • Requires ~77% Crit to be mathematically better than Cursed Doll (assuming Adren3 and EP1)
  • Shock typically has 70% crit, so crit elixirs or a crit synergy will make KBW better than CD
  • Even with 70% crit, the difference between KBW and CD is close enough that it is down to personal preference.

Cursed Doll

  • +3/8/16% Attack Power
  • -25% Healing
  • Cursed doll is a cheaper option and provides a more stable damage increase than Keen Blunt Weapon.
  • The healing reduction is not too significant because of Scrapper’s high HP and defense.

Level 1

Ether Predator

  • +0.2/0.3/0.5% Attack Power
  • +0.3/0.6/1% Defense Per Stack, Max 30 Stacks

It takes ~4min to reach max stacks. You reach an average of 3% AP over those 4 mins and after reaching max stacks you’ll gain 6% AP. Very efficient engraving with essentially no downsides at lv1.


  • +0.3/0.6/1% Attack Power per Stack
  • +5/10/15% Crit Rate at Max (6) Stacks
  • Adrenaline scales linearly, meaning that it is efficient even at level 1 and 2.
  • It is not recommended to run at level 1 due to shock’s low crit rate.

Not Recommended

  • Spirit Absorption
  • Precise Dagger
  • Mass Increase

Is a Crit Ring Viable?

Needs more testing but unlikely. With the gauge changes spec affects more than just damage.

Can I replace Earth’s Entropy and Ambush Master?

No, the damage loss is to severe to ever truly justify.



Taijutsu Scrapper is a quick and mobile class, favoring the use of fast hitting Stamina skills. The only goal of this build is to apply your synergy off cooldown and to dish out as much damage as possible with high uptime, pressing your skills as they come off cooldown.

What’s the best stat spread for Taijutsu?

There’s no “best” answer for this question. In real raid scenario, each stat spread performs very similarly. If you want a breakdown of each build, I’ve described each one below:

Swift + 1 Crit Ring (70/30) – You would go for this build if you want a bit more crit rate while still retaining the low cooldown and speedy aspect of full swiftness, highly recommended. This stat spread is very similar to full swiftness, you gain ~7% crit rate and lose ~4% cooldown reduction in comparison to full swiftness (assuming near perfect qualities). This build will enable you to fit 2x Iron Cannon Blow and ~1.5 Battering Fist while your identity is active. Opting for a heavier swift stat spread will also allow you to take advantage of the Taijutsu engraving as each cast of yellow skills gives you 5% meter.

Full Swift – You would go for this build if you are confident in your uptime and want the “highest theoretical” ceiling DPS. The Swiftness stat you went all-in on will enable you to fit 2x Iron Cannon Blow and 2x Battering Fist while your identity is active, but this is extremely tight (2x ICB will be a lot more lenient with more swift) and not realistic in actual raids. The lack of Crit hurts, but crit synergies help out quite a bit. However, forced downtime during untargetable mechanics will mean you are losing DPS every second you are not on the boss, which is fairly common in real fights.

50/50 or Crit Heavy – You would go for this build if you want more consistent damage. Opting for less swift means you will have slower meter building and removes the possibility of casting 2x Iron Cannon Blow during identity. However, this doesn’t mean you are completely gimping your dps, but rather it lowers the damage ceiling and raises your damage floor.

Your mindset should be that if all of your skills are on cooldown, you have played your role perfectly.

Charging blow or Continuous Push?

Some people swear by the potential of Continuous push vs. Charging blow, which one is better? Before the latest patch, continuous push did have a noticeably higher parse in Tixion. However, with the new rework on Scrapper, this disparity is small now with both skills parsing almost the same, albeit continuous push still slightly edging out. This is due to the change of roundup sweep becoming our primary damage filler instead of continuous push which affects the rotation heavily.

While continuous push does have the potential for a higher damage ceiling, it isn’t extreme (~3-5%). Charging blow provides a lot of utility with weak point, low cooldown for identity building, as well as high mobility and doesn’t require a damage gem. There is a bit of an Opportunity Cost to Push and it is not a straight upgrade, you will have to sacrifice both a gem slot from another skill (usually DR CDR) as well as a couple tripods, meaning there is a power shift and can be considered a sidegrade.

Should I always hold ICB/BF/EF until my identity is ready?

No. While it is best to use these 3 skills while your identity is active because of the damage boost it gains, it isn’t so important that you would hold off 4+ seconds for it. Remember that your identity lasts 10 seconds and given the right gems + swiftness, these 3 skills won’t have cooldowns above 10 seconds. Therefore, you can stagger out the cooldowns by using your identity early even if those skills are still on cooldown and are able to fit it within the identity in the next 10 seconds.

How much damage do I lose if I don’t want to back attack?

For Entropy to beat out Hallucination, you need to back attack more than 49.9% of the time. Average players will have no problem back attacking ~60% of the time. Very good players will get ~80-90% back attacking uptime on most bosses.

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