Lost Ark – Tips for New Players (Middle and End Game)

I just want to help to who never play game before and void some mistake.

Beginners Tips For Middle and Late Game


  • At start color for main story is orange then become world and change color to blue.
  • There is Q send to Shushire (zone) at same time you can use new ship Icebreaker to enter Shushire water you need use this ship.
  • Save chest (you can choose one item) you may need X item at start and Y item at end game.
  • Dont have your song at same place is your biforst.
  • When you done with your daily / weekly farm easy achi for card / legacy (like sell item for 7/77/777 silver or pres C 10 time when using your ship…).
  • You have Quick switch char.
  • When doing lost ark adventure island best reward for end game is Gold (you need gold for upgrade) then card.
  • When doing event type + for invite you get better reward in group.
  • Dont upgrade your ship 1 by 1 is much better doing 4/7/10 to get extra sailor.
  • By doing mission you get pirate coin / camelian / legacy exp / orders (you exchange orders to Affinity item, rune, secret map, deck card, Exp for card, desing and upgrade parts for ship and more so dont miss it.

Daily task

Chaos dungeon / guardian raid / una daily / adventure island / voyage co-op mission / trade skill / guild support / affinity rep / world boss / chaos gate

Weekly task

Guardian challenge mode / abyss dungeon / challenge abyss dungeon / abyss raid / legion raid / una weekly / guild boss / ghost ship / pvp token exchange / merchant ship exchange / guild token exchange

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