Lost Ark – Tripod Upgrades

What Are Tripod Upgrades?

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Tripod Upgrades are another horizontal progression system in Lost Ark. With Tripod Upgrades you can improve the effects of your tripod skill selection.

For example if you are using damage tripod that increases the skills damage by 25% at LV1 you could increase the tripod level of this skill and gain more damage from the tripod (i.e. LV3 => 31% damage).

How Do I Raise the Tripod Level?

Tripod level can be increased with gear. The higher the rarity of the gear the generally higher the tripod level on it will be. Without going into too much detail you can basically take any item you receive from a Chaos Dungeon that has a higher level tripod than your current gear and try to transfer it your item.

If the transfer succeeds the tripod is moved from the ‘fodder item’ to your item and ‘fodder item’ is destroyer. If the transfer fails only the ‘fodder item’ is destroyed but nothing else happens.

Tripod Crafter

At the Tripod crafter you can either save/load tripod loadouts or attempt to transfer a tripod from a ‘fodder item’ to your item.

Sometimes saving an item’s tripod choices is very valuable since the transfer process gets harder depending what level of a tripod upgrade you are trying to transfer. For example if you get an item with LV4+LV3 of your important tripods it’s almost always worth saving. Saving tripods doesn’t consume the item so maybe you can think of some valuable uses for the items you don’t need after saving… Notice that these are tradable cough GOLD cough.

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