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Why should I play this class?

Paladin is one of the easiest classes to play, cheapest classes to build, and one of the most desired classes for raids. He can perform at a decent/high level without putting in much effort. His naturally high defenses practically make him immortal outside of one shot mechanics. 

How does my identity work?

Unlike the other Supports, Paladin only has one orb known as the Piety Meter. Once full, you can activate one of the stances to enable their effects. Landing Holy skills will generate the most amount of Piety, and Punish skills (including auto attack) will generate the least.

 Holy Aura (X)

Paladin’s most important Identity skill. It grants a Damage Buff with a Heal over Time (HoT) and Damage Reduction effect while the Blessed Aura class engraving is equipped. Party members affected by the Holy Aura (12-meter radius) inflict +10% (Base with 0 Spec) Damage to foes. Push Immunity on activation. The efficiency of this Buff scales with the Specialization stat. (45% skill efficiency per 500 Spec, 4.5% additional damage from aura)

 Sacred Executioner (Z)

Only boosts the Range and Damage of your Punish skills. Unfortunately, this is completely useless for Support Paladin. Attack Range of basic attacks and Punish skills +30%. Damage by basic attacks and Punish skills +40%. Push Immunity on activation. 

How do the Supports compare? 

They all have their strengths and weaknesses. It’s a matter of personal preference.

In general, Supports will be significantly tankier than most classes in the game depending on their build, they are in extreme demand almost always, and will be extremely cheap to build. However due to a lot of the system design in this game they can feel somewhat unrewarding as the sense of progression isn’t as apparent as DPS classes. You have a lot of extremely powerful tools in your kit and provide the largest damage gain in the party, so your performance is paramount to the outcome of the raid. All three Supports are an amazing choice and utilize high swiftness making them very nimble, but can vary in their gameplay, here is some information to help you compare them.


Long ranged support with heavy focus on consistent value through periodic heals and shields. Lowest ceiling of all supports.


  • Easiest Support
  • Extremely Tanky
  • Consistent AP Buffs
  • Best Counters
  • Long Ranged


  • Weakest Identity
  • Long Downtime on Shields
  • No Burst Healing
  • No Push Immunity

Blessed Aura

How strong/fast is his Chaos Dungeon clear?

With 5×3 or 4×3+, Paladin has one of the fastest clears in the game, Salvation/Nightmare sets help a lot. Even with 3×3 standard build (PS3, J3, C3) Paladin has one of the better Chaos Dungeon experiences in the game.

Conviction and Judgment? C+J? What’s that?

  • Conviction: Chance to proc on hit with the skill it is attached to and gain a Conviction Buff.
  • Judgment: Chance to proc on hit with the skill it is attached to and gain a Judgment Buff. Consumes Conviction.

When consumed, gain Combat Resource Recovery by 100% and reduce skill cooldowns by 15% (multiplicative) for 6s. 30s cooldown on Buff ending until Conviction can proc again.

Spec Paladin?

Spec Paladin is not good. Due to the high cooldown on our Attack Power buffs, any loss of swiftness cripples our ability to provide our Attack Power buffs.

The build can work in some niche scenarios, in overleveled content or when paired with classes that have high burst. This is not recommended for beginners.

How long does the Holy Aura last?

Around 17s.

Which card set should I use?

Early game you should be using 6 set Max HP +12% (4+4+4) cards, there are two options and both are easily obtainable. You’d like to use either Farewell, Weapon or Field Boss II due to good HP increase which slightly improves your Shields and Heals.

During mid/late game it’s preferred to go for You Have A Plan card set which increases personal and party Damage by 1.5% dependable on cards awakening level.

12 piece awakening: 0.5%, 18: 1% and 30: 1.5%

Your long term goals for late game are:

  • Master of Spears 30

2.5% Dark Damage for anyone in your party that uses Kazeros’s Legion Commanders.

  • Lostwind Cliff 30

3.5% Holy Damage for anyone in your party that uses Light of Salvation.

Currently the best possible card sets to have as a Support.

When should I use Awakening?

Technically you want to Awaken as soon as possible to fill up the meter, that is the most important goal – Piety, shield is secondary.

Next Awakenings are mostly used off-cd especially when our meter is low, usage should be delayed in case of high Piety (For example above 50/60%).

Alithanes’s Judgment should not be used solely in a defensive way, it could be considered in some very critical situations but it is highly recommended to protect your teammates with GsL and HP instead.

Raids usually have stages with mobs right before the boss encounter so it is good to reconsider building up the meter with standard skills (Though with an early Awakening use and some small delays, like preparing positions in pug, your AJ should be off-cd for another aura in the right timing but it really depends).

If there are plenty of overgeared players in your raid and you feel like they will clean up the mobs quickly, it is better to smash Awakening straight away or use Stim. If your group is not heavily overgeared use your top Piety generators like LoJ, HA, WoG, HB GsL and other lower priority skills to fill the meter faster. It is okay if you will not make it, you should have more time during the first little phase right before the boss swap. Mostly, you should be easily able to fill the meter to full before any G1, to then provide the Identity Buff after the cutscene and still have Awakening ready for another Holy Aura. Although in some cases you should hold that full Piety for a while, preferably till first boss swap which is pretty quick in Valtan and Vykas, especially if your party is overgeared. You do not want to end up wasting a few seconds of your Damage Buff. Aura holding is situational.

Should I keep God’s Decree only for very dangerous situations?

Definitely no, GsL has pretty low cd which makes it a perfect defensive skill to rotate with HP. Paladin is a walking campfire so it is very important to use anything you can to prevent the incoming damage and protect your party. You would really want to use it off-cd most of the time with some slight delays in case of incoming simple patterns or other mechanics.

Goals are to Protect and Prevent – help your DPS greed Damage without the need for dodging and make the bosses look like they do not do any Damage to them, and they actually will not in many situations.

The skill creates a shield (19% of your Max HP with Lv.5 Shield) which does not seem like anything special but with Grace (incoming damage -70%) it becomes one of the best skills to cheese any kind of damage in the game. So, with frequent casts and good timings your DPS will not be losing any HP because simple patterns will not be even enough to break the Shield, in some rare cases it will go through but the Damage received should be very low. This is why it is a very good habit and one of the priority things to learn, the only downside is pretty small AoE but with Wide-Angle Attack (30% AoE radius) it is much easier to land it on all of the party members.

If one of your teammates seems more addicted to the floor pov than the others, you can always give more attention to that player and babysit.. If there is a possibility, it is good to keep hitting the boss with GsL for additional Piety, only if you are protecting your Damage dealers at the same time though.

Do people prefer Paladin as a Support over other Supports?

Yes, and no.

As a Paladin you do not have to choose between Heal or Damage Buff from the Identity, Holy Aura provides both and even an additional 20% Damage Reduction, all at the same time. In return, Paladin’s Identity is slightly weaker in comparison to other Supports, it is mainly due to our uptime on it being lower – we cannot generate Piety when our Buff is active so it takes us longer to generate another Identity. Damage wise, Bard’s Serenade is around 5% higher (Only during 16s 3x bar Buff, 12s 2x bar is the same and 8s 1x is 5% weaker), Artist’s Moonfall is the same as our aura (10%) but it lasts for 10s, around 7s less than , Artist uptime is the highest though.

When it comes to standard Attack Power Buffs, our Buffs are considered stronger because of the very good range of 24m on both and not a single one requires DPS players to stand in any limited AoE, making it harder to miss or waste a Buff in case of having a Ranged DPS/Hit Master classes in your team or due to unpredicted boss movement. However, compared to our sisters it is harder to reach 100% Buff uptime but not like it matters much because again, not a single one of our both Attack Power Buffs requires players to position carefully. We end up having plenty of 24s+ 100% Buff uptime windows, eventually even more with high Swift, high gems, and C+J/QR runes.

In progging, Paladins seem to be overall a bit less desired, especially by casual players. It is mostly because of the HoT type of Healing which is obviously noticeably weaker than burst Healing of Bards and Artists, it is still worth to remember that frequent burst Healing of other Supports is a significant Damage loss resulting in a slower run. Despite weaker Healing, Paladin can still perform extremely well during prog and many experienced players seem to prefer it. Choice is very dependable on the other players’ needs and their classes, literally a preference.

In pug, Paladins are considered a very safe, strong and reliable choice due to the fact that the class is generally easier and the skill cap is lower, simply put it’s just harder to misplay but that also depends on the player and build optimization.

We also have Cleanse, Paladin is considered a COUNTER GOD as well as one of the best Stagger classes in the game and the best Stagger Support. Anyway, all of the Supports are God Tier/S Tier and all of them are very desired for any meaningful content in the game.

I’m struggling to keep track of my teammates’ health, any suggestions? What are some good settings to help me as a Support?

There are a few settings you can change in game to help with being a support.

These are all entirely optional, change them to your liking.

Settings > Gameplay > Name Tags

Here you can disable a ton of the titles/guildes/names people have to make it easier to keep track of specific people.

Settings > Gameplay > Combat Related Settings > Show Damage

Here you can make your Damage font size very small or completely hide it altogether if you want to have the smallest amount of screen clutter.

Settings > Gameplay > Combat Related Settings > Show Combat / Pet

Here you can do things like disable other peoples’ pets and combat effects to make the screen less cluttered for yourself.

Settings > Gameplay > Combat Related Settings > Show HP Bar

This setting can help tracking your teammates’ HP Bars.

Settings > Community > Notifications and Interactions > Emoticon Settings > Adjust emoticon bubble size > Minimize

This setting can help with Emote usage overlapping onto your teammates names/health bar.

Settings > Community > Macro Text

Here you can assign a message you want to commonly use for communication, these are unique to each of your characters. Generally only used for Identity and Awakenings due to how long their CD is.

(I suggest having them sent to your party to not spam other members)

Settings > Hotkeys > Skills > Select Dropdown next to Skill

You can now use any of these premade macros on a specific skill.

I sincerely hope this was helpful. Good luck to you!

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