Lost Ark – Why Can’t I See the Boss HP Bar?

Why Can’t I See the Boss HP Bar? Why Are There Multiple Lines of HP Instead of Just One?

Certain bosses in Lost Ark have an invisible HP bar.

  • Guardian Raid
  • Abyssal Raid
  • Legion Raid (only in Hell Mode)

Certain ones have a visible HP bar.

  • Abyssal Dungeon
  • Legion Raid

You can still kind of figure out how much HP certain bosses have based on what skills they use. Some bosses only start specific patterns at 30% for example, so when you see it you know that only 30% is left.

The creators of Lost Ark are huge fans of Monster Hunter. So back when Guardian Raids used to be the game’s endgame, they were designed to copy how Monster Hunter raids were designed.

Guardian Raids and Abyssal Raids also allow a few party respawns, whereas encounters with visible HP bars don’t have resurrections.

There’s a lot of HP bars because it’s a really common trend in Korean MMOs. Players enjoy the feedback of reducing a lot of an HP bar or multiple HP bars in one skill rather than slowly whittling down a single HP bar.

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