Lost Cartridge – Cold Read – Library Card Locations and Access

Where to find all of the library cards and how to access them. Starts with a guide on how to gather the required items. Collect in any order.

Items Required

You will need the following items to proceed.

  • Fire Extinguisher
  • Wallet
  • Lighter
  • Scissors
  • Rope
  • Plaster Hand
  • Handle
  • Block

To get each, follow these steps.

  • Fire Extinguisher: select it when close up on the Deer Man. Take it and he will tell you to only use it for its intended purpose
  • Wallet: found in washroom next to the toilet
  • Lighter: found in employee area under the library envelope
  • Scissors: found in the kids section in the bloody book. Read the story to get them
  • Rope: walk to the kids section and wander a bit before returning to the lobby where it is found behind the front desk
  • Plaster Hand: in Lovely Frederika’s room, at the bottom left corner, you will find the hand
  • Block: found in the toy area, has a red outline
  • Handle: use either a can of Bepis or the plaster hand and give it to the doll surrounded by blood splotches. She’ll trade them (do not take it by force)

To get a can of Bepis use the wallet on the vending machine that has them. You can hold a max of 5.

The First Card

Play through the intro by entering the library. The cutscene will play out and then you can pick up the card when Mitch stands up again. This will give you the achievement for the first time.

Muddy Waters

This is the one in the plant. Get 5 cans of Bepis from the vending machine and pour them in the plant. You can now get the card without falling in (texts reads that the plant is starting to overflow when it is safe)

Money, Honey

In the vending machine with the Bepis, there is a ticket. Use the wallet with it to get it

Lost and Found

To get this card, you will need to light the fire next to the entrance to Frederika’s room. Put the block in the fire and use the fire extinguisher to put it out, grab the key now there and go to the clock. Use the key on the keyhole and grab the card

Point Of Attack

Get the handle and use it on the odd floor section on the right PC room. Use the rope on the opened panel. Before you climb down, go through the movie room, the audio room and the PC room and unplug the coloured cords. Go down and use the scissors on the now visible cords. DO NOT STEP ON THE TEXTURES they are death triggers. After cutting the wires you can step on the textures and go to the end of the room where you find Adam’s card. Get outta there.

A Thousand Words

Go to the room with the eyeball monster. Make a clear path to the exit, there is a chase. Avoid her traps and get the card on the far side of the room. Carefully get through the trap area. A phone ringing will go off and initiate the chase. Leave the room and Deer Man shoots her. She is now wandering like Static Man so keep you eyes out for her (if you do not want to deal with both save her for last). They cannot both be activated at the same time but chase sequences double in frequency.

The Child Inside

On the left side of the building, at the lower left corner, you will meet Caroline. She asks you to get her a book where she left her library card. It’s just above the little bird statue. After getting it, the area warps into a maze. There are 2 ways of leaving. Ending 1 you can do either, but Ending 2 requires the second one. The first way is to go to the little stand and get a Summer Reading ticket, take it to the vent in the lower area, get away from Static Man and head back to Caroline. You read her the story and then you get the card. The second way is to go up to the car section and find the bookshelf that is clearly weird. Use either the scissors or the lighter on it and wander to the end where you find a computer. You access one of the chat logs this way. After you finish it boots you to the left computer lab, go see Caroline.

Sweet Dreams

This one is scary but very easy. Go to the toy room and select the felt wall area. Use the lighter on the unlit torch to reveal a door. To unlock the door, use the abacus and set it to 315 (Bat-3, Wolf-1, Snake-5). Sneak past the big sleeping monster and get the card. The monster doesn’t kill you unless you use the take option on it but be wary in case of glitches.

A Good Man In A Storm

This is Mitch’s card. To get it, you have to get the password for the staff computer. The username is Sp4c3w01f (yes it’s cringe we know) and the password is 900538ump5. Next you need a blank card, to get this, head back to the doll room and select the Sad Clown Doll. Use the scissors on it. THE DOLLS ARE GOING TO STARE AT YOU FOR DOING THIS (no danger just kinda creepy). Take it to the printer next to the computer and insert it. Go back to the computer, select “Print New Card” and then print it. Grab the card from the printer.

Deadly Vision

This one is kinda difficult and also long. Go up to the stage in the doll room and try to take the card from the puppet’s mouth. This will initiate a scene. Follow him into the backstage area and do as instructed, cutting off various body parts with the scissors. For the eyes, use the fire extinguisher on the porcelain puppet. Continue as told, using the scissors when needed.

Once at the final two rooms, use the mirror to control the clown puppet and the first time go on the circle, and use X or esc to go back to Mitch. It might take a few hits. The second room, as Mitch, cut down the two odd puppets and use the puppet to move the blonde man over the tear drop circle in the lower left corner and the red headed woman to the pig circle in the lower right hand corner. Move your puppet to the cat circle in the upper right hand corner, and go back to Mitch. You can now leave and the place you fell will have the card.

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