Lost Dream: Memories – 100% Full Achievement Guide

How to Obtain All Achievements

Not Missable

Journey Begins Got the game to open!

  • Automatic when opening the game

Lost Dream: Memories

  • Finished the journey!

Finish the game, there are 6 zones.


  • In each zone there is an area to sleep on a rock, we just have to go above it and press “e”.

Just 5 more minutes

  • Nap before leaving the beginning area.

At the beginning of the game, impossible not to see it.

Social Nap

  • Nap near the Town

At the beginning of the second area on the right in front of the houses.

Nighty Nap

  • Nap in the Night Forest

This area is big, at the end when we are about to leave it (the exit is on the right above) if we move a little more to the right we will see a rock formation, there is the place.

Peaceful fields

  • Nap in the Fields

After reaching the wide sector of this area, go to the right against the wall, halfway through the route you will see a rock formation like the previous one.

Dreaming dreams

  • Nap in the Clouds

At the beginning of the area to the right.


It is a very simple game, it will take you approximately 30 minutes, but not more than that.

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