Love Love School Days – How to Get All Endings (+ Secret Ending)

A guide to get the secret and other 8 endings of this game.

All Ending Guide


I have waited for this game for a long time so i decided to help people who have trouble getting the endings so in short game has 8 and 1 secret ending that i founded currently.

Before we start just a short disclaimer game auto generates the map you are playing and the location of the items are random so you need to search for them!

Ending No 0 Always Together

This is the No 0 ending and the game will tell you everything you need to do.First in the begining the place where you start the game after you witness makina delete a character contunie and you will notice a board with read me written in it dont forget to take the note!You need it to get this ending. The game will also update the missions so you can also see what to do!

After this you need two items Graphics Board and CD Unlock Tool:

When you get these two items go to art room and destroy the Graphics Board and Cd Tool.

Game will update the mission and tell you the next step:

Get Blue and Pink liquid and mix them here in science room.

Now you will get the Dangerous Liquid and the game will tell you the last mission to get the ending.

After getting the Dangerous Liquid go to Maintance Room (it will be unlocked) enter the room and inject the liquid to the cultre pod:

And done you get the ending!

Ending No 1 Noise Problem

Start the game in your room and press spacebar to jump do this a few times and your intercom will ring.Interact with it and do the same thing a few more times and you will get the Ending!

Ending No 2 True Love

When you start the game don’t pick the letter and talk to Yoshiki multiple times after a certain point he will want you to go to rooftop go to there and you will get the ending.

Ending No 3 Our Fight Is About to Begin

When you find Yoshiki in game give him the Data repair chip and talk to him.

After this you will need two more items: transfer device and time bomb give transfer device to yoshiki and go to rooftop and place the time bomb to the bell and you will get the ending after the boss fight.

Ending No 4 I Won’t Let You Go

Dont give the device to yoshiki and just go to rooftop with the time bomb after the boss fight you will get the ending.

Ending No 5 32bit Love

This Ending has multiple steps and can be hard to obtain.

First you need three items:socks keeper, pager and mobile phone give three of these items to makina and she will drop the collider script get the collider script to fix the bugged area in game(the place where you fall) after this obtain the gymnasium key and defeat the boss you will get:

Bring it to the locked area and use it to open the case bugged case you will get doki doki memories.

After getting the doki doki memories head to rooftop and after the boss fight give the doki doki memories to makina.

Ending No 6 Just The Two Of Us

Developer made a post about how to get the ending and i will write how to do it here:

  • Start the game without skipping the opening.
  • Go to the scene in your room.
  • Delete the folder
    • C:\Users(your user name)\AppData\LocalLow\OTLGAME\LoveLoveSchoolDays\chara
    • %userprofile%\appdata\locallow\OTLGAME\LoveLoveSchoolDays\chara
  • Set BrainLink and game disk and start the game.

The flag of the ending 6 is established.

Ending No 7 Go Home

Talk to Sayori in the Library to start this ending.First bring the graphics board to her and send the cd rom to her computer in computer room after this you will need to find the gasoline when you find it go to the generator in the pool and fill it go back to sayori she will give you the card that opens the Maintence room.Open the room take the backup data give it to sayori and you will go back to the begining of the game go to this door interact with it and you will get the ending.

Ending No 39 End Of Game Play

When you are in your room go to the case and open it with this code:3939 interact with the thing inside the case and when it disappears contunie the game until you saw the new ending.

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  1. MIGHT wanna include that to get the rooftop key you have to give the kabadon magazine to the one girl thats glitched out in the hallway. had to ask for help in the community . Well “don” non the less

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