Lovecraft’s Untold Stories 2 – Sanity Explanatory Guide

One of the most frequent questions that we have received is: What is the Sanity? And we thought that this is an interesting topic.

Guide to Sanity


Sanity is a term deeply related to the world of the Cthulhu Mythos, whether we are talking about books, games, tabletop RPGs, etc.

Humankind faces great cosmic horrors that defy all logic and the reaction of disbelief, acceptance, and fear, translates into sanity loss.

In RPG games, as the characters acquire deeper knowledge of the Mythos, and understand that there is much more out there than what they thought, their minds get a bit further from actual reality.

How do we translate this into the numbers in our game?

  1. Sanity is another parameter of our characters, as is speed, damage, resistance, etc.
  2. Each character starts the game with 100% of sanity, but the amount is different for each of them, depending on how well the character relates to the Mythos. For example, the Professor is a very pragmatic individual who only believes in Science, while the Witch is more familiar with the supernatural aspects of the Universe. So the Professor’s basic Sanity is much lower than the Witch’s one.
  3. There are dozens of very powerful otherworldly artifacts and amulets in the game, which provide you with a lot of advantages, but the Gods don´t grant anything without a cost, and that comes represented with the Sanity.

We don’t want our game to be based on hoarding the best objects to become immortal. There are no actual best objects. Amulets will be a decisive element if the player wants to get far in our game, but mixing them is the tricky part.

How Can I Lose Sanity?

Well, apart from using powerful Mythos amulets, there are other things that can make you lose sanity:

  • Facing really powerful enemies.
  • Activating altars of the deities (From which you can also get very good advantages).
  • Reading disturbing documents.
  • Taking the wrong decisions in the dozens of mini-events that we have included in the game.

How Can I Recover Sanity?

There are many ways to recover Sanity:

  • By reading documents that will give you a little hope.
  • By reading a newspaper daily.
  • By taking the right decisions in the mini-events.
  • With the use of certain amulets.
  • Eating chocolate!

We really hope that this throws some light to one of the most important aspects, yet hidden aspects, of our game.

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