Luxaren Allure – General Tips

This is the basic help file for Luxaren Allure. Contained within are the basic controls and general game information.

Game Controls

  • Enter, Space or Z: Confirm, talk, inspect
  • Directional Keys: Movement
  • ESC or X: Cancel/Access Menu
  • Shift: Hold down to walk slower (or to run if Auto-Run is turned off)
  • S: Hold to skip text
  • F6: Double the game’s window size. When the screen is at it’s biggest available, F6 will return it to default size.
  • F5: Full Screen Mode.

Controller Support

Getting controllers to play well with RPG Maker VX Ace games can be a little finicky, and not all controller types are supported.

To set up a controller, make sure it’s connected before you start the game, and when the game window appears, press F1.

Select the tab that says “Gamepad.”

The game will ask you to input letters to corresponding gamepad buttons. Here’s a quick rundown of what each letter does:

  • Letter A: Hold down to walk slower (or to run if Auto-Run is turned off)
  • Letter B: Cancel/Menu Button
  • Letter C: Confirm, talk, inspect
  • Letter Y: Skip Text

It may take a little trial and error to get this all working to your liking.

General Tips


  • ATK: The stat used in regular attacks and other physical attacks. More ATK means more damage.
  • DEF: Your defense against physical attacks. The higher the number, the lower the damage you take.
  • Ether: Your magical power. Like ATK, but for magic spells.
  • MDF: Your magic defense. You take less damage from spells the more MDF you have.
  • AGI: A very important stat, Agility determines how often your turn comes up in battle. Characters with more AGI will get to act more frequently.
  • Luck: Mostly used for resisting and inflicting status effects, but is honestly the least important of the stats. Having more luck will give you a slight advantage vs ailments.

Battle Progression Over Time

One of the most important aspects to be aware of is the fact that normal enemies and some bosses unlock new and more powerful moves as the battle progresses. Therefore, it’s in your best interest to take out enemies as fast as you can.


Impulse are points that are generated as you take damage. Using Impulse, you can unleash skills that may turn the tide of battle in your favor. You keep Impulse even after the battle ends, but be aware that you lose 20% of your Impulse after each fight. It might be better to go ahead and use it when you can rather than saving it for a future fight.

Also, take note that some skills use both MP and Impulse.

Buying Equipment

New equipment can be really pricey in the world of Luxaren Allure, so you’ll have to pick and choose what equipment you really want. Keep in mind, however, that bought equipment usually has more raw stat increases than equipment found in dungeons, which are generally weaker but may have other advantages.

The only major exception to the superiority of bought equipment is in the final dungeon, where you can find some very powerful items if you’re willing to seek them out.


During the game, you’re bound to find plenty of Alchemy ingredients, and in most towns and other major locations, you can find people who can combine these ingredients into cool items, weapons, armor, and accessories.

The most common and needed ingredient is called Morphoilite. Useful accessories almost always need some of this strange metal in them. But be aware that you can also break down things made of Morphoilite to get the Morphoilite back (other ingredients you spent may not be gotten back, however).

The “Party Chat” Option on the Menu Screen

At any time that you can access the menu, select “Party Chat” to get your party to talk about the next thing they need to do on their quest. Useful if you get stuck.

Crystallized Hope

The best sword in the game can be made only with Alchemy, and to construct it, you must find eight pieces of Crystallized Hope scattered throughout the isles.

Dungeon Nav Arrows

Some of the dungeons get pretty big, and can be a little confusing. Dungeon Nav Arrows mode can be switched on and off from the Options menu to aid in finding your way around. This will place ethereal arrows at fixed points in dungeons that always point forward towards the end of the dungeon. It’s also great if you want to avoid the right way for as long as possible to find more loot!

More Help

If you need help with something more specific, like the locations of all the pieces of Crystallized Hope, navigating the Tidal Wave Zones, the solution to any of the puzzles, etc, please see the Puzzle Solutions and More Tips guide in the guide tab.

Known Bugs and Issues

  • Pressing F12 may cause the game to crash. My only advice is not to hit F12.
  • A very rare bug can occur where, in battle, the monsters get apathetic and refuse to take action for the rest of the battle. It seems to go away after the battle is over.
  • Another rare bug is that the game has been known to crash during battle if the game has been running for several hours. While this isn’t common, I’d still advise saving regularly just in case, and I apologize ahead of time for any lost play time from this.

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  1. Great tips, i did encounter a bug when the enemy wouldn’t do anything and i couldn’t either because of the enemy. I’d also save regularly, i haven’t crashed but on a few occasions the game was kinda laggy and i thought it might crash.

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