MadCowBalls2 – Difficulties and Progression

Difficulties and Progression

There are 8 Difficulties and 7 game modes at the current state of the game.

1) Normal Game Mode

Uses Difficulty settings 0 to 7. Some Difficulty settings are unlocked after playing the game.

2) Arcade

It uses Difficulty setting 8 but is actually closer to 4 or 5 in normal mode but faster. The Arcade mode is made for the experienced breakout/Arknoid player and makes for a fast game. Most of the upgrades you can make have already been done.

3) Robot Player

Accessable in the option menu of the game launcher after completing the Fire Cow achievement.

4) Music Player

Accessable in the option menu of the game launcher after completing 20 balls achievement.

5) Cheating

Turn cheating on in the options menu in the game launcher and start any type of game. There are are additional cheating options hidden that will be available after completing achievements.

6) Slide Show

A hidden option made to create a trailer of showcase the game. Edit the game setting file to use it.

7) Screensaver

There is a screensaver that comes with the game. It uses the same settings as if you were playing the game yourself.

The game will get harder fo each level you complete. That includes faster balls, more power ups, bigger level patterns and bricks with more life. In case of bosses they also gain more parts. This may also give the player a better chance of hitting a higher score.

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