MadCowBalls2 – How to Get a High Score

How to Get a High Score

There are likely a few ways of getting a high score but here is what i have found while testing out the game.

1) Stay Alive

Dont have more balls than you can handle. More than 3 can keep you busy.

2) Angle The Balls

Use the edges of the pad to send to balls towards the borders. This angle play will give you more time to react. This may also be a bad strategy depending on the level setup. You dont want too many bounce chances, keep the bounce somewhat predictable.

3) Bonuses

Dont collect all if you dont know what they do. If you take one red, wait a bit to make sure that you understand what it is doing. Find the best ball upgrade for the current level and stick with it (fire ball is my favorite at low levels). Collect extra score bonuses when you have nothing else to do.

4) Multi Bonuses

Make the level explode! Try to break a lot of bricks at the same time. This will give you multi bonuses and they give you a lot of score and may also drop you extra life.

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