MadCowBalls2 – The Bonus Guide

The Bonus Guide

The bonuses of the game is categorized by color. Learning what to pick up at a given time will help you a lot.

1) Bright Green

You want to pick up the green powers ups with no traces of red or yellow in them. + life, ball upgrades, Cow bonuses, super Weapon.

2) Green

Bonus score, pad upgrades, weapons, slower balls.

3) Blue

Blue may help you a bit but can also be bad depending on the level and how busy you currently are.

More balls, change playfield borders, move the bricks.

4) Red

Only pick up if you feel to game is slow. Turn the balls to turtle shells, direct the balls down, stun the pad, pad downgrades, faster balls.

5) Flashing Red

Stay away from these. Add more life to the bricks, make the briks immune to the balls for a period of time.

6) Flashing Yellow and Red

These bonuses are only seen at high difficulty levels and/or after a few levels but can kill you.

Clone the balls until there are 20 of them, super fast and small balls, – life, heavy pad stun, shake the screen, make the balls move down 5 times, Created robots, destroy all good bonuses.

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