Made in Abyss: Binary Star Falling into Darkness – Tips to Get Blue Whistle Skills

This guide contains few tips that will help you to get Blue Whistle skills.

How to Get Blue Whistle Skills


You need to complete all the Guild Quests tasks to be promoted to Blue Whistle as stated by the main quest given by Jiruo, you need to fully “explore” the 1st layer.


How to handling the spawning

After the first time I cave raid and brought back relics to sell, doing the Guilds Quests help alot, you get a lot of money for turning them in (plus the relics which are decent amount of value) so you get up to like maybe around 10k gold.

But because of all the repeated spawns of enemies, since the first cave raid, when I come back to Orth, I would sell all my relics, buy extra pickaxes (the Light pickaxes because they weigh 100 grams less and has more durability than the normal pickaxes).

As for the repeated spawns, I usually kill them all because I can use the animal bones (and hardstone to make more pickaxes) and their meat to make food for healing and hunger.

When there’s nodes inside the spawn of the creatures in certain regions, I’ll try and grab them before the creatures even target you via sprinting and dodging out, they stop chasing you when you dodge one of their attacks and being far away enough, the butterflies that spawn when you try to do climbing, you can just hop-jump (when you unlock it in skills menu), you can rush the curse of the abyss as long as the depth meter isn’t Dark Red.

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