Madness: Project Nexus – How to Defeat Specific Enemies

So you got a problem with a vampire. Or getting bodied by a Button Man. Well this guide will tell you how to defeat specific enemies that I think are hard. It will explain what weapons or what tactics to use against these enemies. This was just suppose to be only about enemies. But I accidentally made it about the basics of this game.

Guide to Defeat Specific Enemies

The Enemies

This will be about hard/annoying enemies encountered in Arena Mode and Story Mode.

I won’t include bosses in this guide. I’m probably gonna do that in another guide. Detailing how to defeat them.

Button Man

This man can be very dangerous if you are not prepared. With his dual tommy guns. He can easily destroy your corpus bars (The Button Man is the guy with a white suit and hat with sunglasses, and dual tommy guns.).

Tips And Tactics:

  1. Kill the enemies near him so they won’t bother you.
  2. Backtrack to a position where you can safely use the Charge-Up skill such as a corner and when he gets near, release ultimate power. (Example of a great corner in [The Goods] is the stairs where the truck leaves near a medical kit.)
  3. Use the Charge-Up skill instead than stunlocking him with melee attacks because using the Charge-Up will knock him down allowing you to get more hits than stunlocking him.

AAHW Half-Mag

A big agent and the little brother of the Mag agent. Your hirelings will cry in fear. (The AAHW Half-Mag is the guy with scars and cracks all over him, he is also bigger and has the same shades of the Button Man.)

Tips And Tactics:

  1. Use throwable weapons such as Throwing Axes, and Throwing Javelins.
  2. Grab weapons on the floor and throw it at the Half-Mag.
  3. When you are at the back of the Half-Mag he does this slam attack that will hit his back. You can use the Charge-Up skill while he is doing that attack to knock him down.
  4. A tactic I have been doing is going in circles and making him do the back slam. It gives you enough time to get some hits.
  5. The Half-Mag’s Charge-Up attack is very dangerous. He will dash in your direction ragdolling and knocking out everyone in his way doing high damage.

Vampire Punk

These evil idiots are basically, super strong zeds. If you are knocked out [If you have the blue circle above your head] The Vampire Punk and the Bruiser can grapple and bite you. He revives 3 times before finally dying. If they die by fire or dissonance they will die immediately (These are guys with yellow visors and black hair with a gaping mouth.).

Tips And Tactics:

  1. Use Welding torches. Dual-wield them if possible.
  2. If you have Improvised Weapons. Equip the stakes that the Vampire Hunters drop and use it on the vampires. The Vampire Hunters can also drop torches.
  3. They have a lunge attack and when it hits you, you go in a grapple mode like the Zed so be careful and dodge quickly.

Vampire Bruiser

Big brother of the Vampire Punk. Still dangerous. It’s like a Half-Mag but Vampire (The Vampire Bruiser is the size of a Half-Mag and has a pink visor.).

Tips And Tactics:

  1. Unlike they’re little brothers. They don’t need to die by fire or dissonance to die right away.
  2. When they do a rage animation and have a red angry face above them. They will charge very fast similarly to a Merczerker and when they hit you they will grapple and bite you.
  3. Although he doesn’t have the back slam like Half-Mag. He still has the Half-Mag Charge-Up attack.
  4. It has mostly all of the attacks of the Half-Mag.

NEXUS Soldat

The brother of the Merczerker. Not really. But basically a more annoying stunlocker (The NEXUS Soldat has the same eye as the ATP Soldat but red and he has a red beret with red shoulder armor. He will always spawn with 2 Speclight weapons.).

Tips And Tactics:

  1. The Counter Melee skill is very effective against these guys because their attacks are very predictable.
  2. You can break his stunlock by using the Snap-Dodge skill.

NEXUS Riot Guard

Apparently. Everyone hates this guy. His annoying shield will make you want to die (The NEXUS Riot Guardhas has a very distinct white helmet with a red visor. He will always spawn with a shock baton and a riot shield.).

Tips And Tactics:

  1. The Dropkick skill is effective against this guy as it ignores his shield and throws him in the air.
  2. You can also kick him which raises his shield for a few seconds.
  3. The Counter Melee skill is also effective against him because his attacks are slow and also predictable.
  4. Best time to attack is when he is swinging his baton because if you hit him while he is in that state. He will be stunlocked and you can just beat him up.
  5. You can also Charge-Up attack him which will ignore his shield and fling him.


Super annoying guy. He can not only teleport, but he can’t be countered. It is literally just a ghost NEXUS Riot Guard. You can’t even stunlock him. (The Apparition is a red ghost with an axe and viking helmet.)

Tips And Tactics:

  1. The Dropkick skill is effective against this guy as it ignores his shield and throws him in the air.
  2. You can also kick him which raises his shield for a few seconds.
  3. You can also Charge-Up attack him which will ignore his shield and fling him.

Dissonant GO3LM

Scary guy that teleports. He has 2 Corpus Bars, when you get him to his first Corpus Bar. He starts teleporting randomly. Unlike other GO3LMs, he doesn’t need to be enraged to be killed. You can just stab and shoot him. He still very dangerous (The Dissonant GO3LM has a very distinct white faceplate with 2 purple pupils with 2 large machetes.).

Tips And Tactics:

  1. They’re teleport ability is sorta predictable but unlike other enemies. They will teleport where you will be so instead of behind you. Instead they will teleport in front of you.
  2. His rotation is really slow so I usually spin around him slashing him.
  3. He mostly teleports to you when you are far away but he still teleports to you if you are near him.

Note: For some reason. I was doing some testing in the Playground when I spawned in Dissonant GO3LM that had no machetes equiped. It was on his back.

The Exceptions

These are the exceptions that I think were annoying or hard but something made it so that they could not be included.

Red Gudgeon

He is annoying but you just slash him and he dies.


He is super annoying but although he is similar to the Apparition, he just teleports around and spits stuff. There is no tactic or tip for me to give.

N51 Sniper

He is super annoying but again. Just slash, dodge. And he die.


His hook seemed very scary and annoying. But I realized it really isn’t, just pay attention and don’t get near when he does that attack.

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