Mafia: Definitive Edition – How to Race (Tips and Tricks)

How to Win the Race

Lower the difficulty if you can’t beat it on classic.

Other Tips

  • Don’t drive on full speed, break on turns and accelerate on straights. This is a 1930’s race car, not 2020’s.
  • You can skip couple turns by cutting over grass. Mind your speed however so you don’t spin around or go up flying.
  • Don’t crash on other vehicles, most of the times that do more harm than good. You can block them by driving in front of them.
  • There is a ram button (F) but i never use it so i don’t know if that would work.
  • Just practice and learn from every mistake, it was in first game and it is in this game.
  • If nothing else works and you just don’t know how to drive, there are safe files that skip this whole thing or script that makes all the other races crash.

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