Magic: The Gathering Arena – Starting Tips

Starting Tips for Beginners

Starting Out

  • Green decks are easy to play.
  • White decks are easy to play.
  • In general creatures > buffs > removals > spells in general will be easier to use for beginners. Combos, reviving, milling, synergys, counters and so on will be harder to play at first.
  • Do not fear to play “just one color”
  • Try not to get into 3 or more colors to fast
  • Switch around with starter decks and try them before you go build your own
  • Before building decks “from the internet” be sure you have the cards for crafting (prolly around 4-6 mythic, 20 rare). There is no use in building half-a-good-deck, better keep collecting till you can craft-finish one meta-deck you want to use

Daily Quests

  • You can have up to 3 at one time -> doing dailies can be done every 3 days.
  • Daylies give you either 500 or 750 gold -> reroll the once for 500g.
  • There is little win in doing the daily 15-wins quest each day -> do not burn yourself out on this one

Game Modes

  • BO1 is your arcade style “normal game”, BO3 is best of 3 with a side deck versus the same opponent. -> This is the traditional game play but maybe not so good for beginners.
  • Standart is your friend as a beginner, because you got less cards then other ppl.
  • Alchemy is your next best pick since it is the “traditional online experience” (other cards than paper magic).
  • Historic and explorer are great game modes, but you need cards for them. Just going with standart decks into these might not be much fun.
  • You can always stomp bots.
  • You can play all game modes as “ranked” (aside from bot).
  • You have a “constructed” rank for your normal ranked games and a “limited” rank for your draft games (not all draft modes count as ranked)
  • You can always just play friends in 1on1s.
  • Brawl comes in standart and historic format. Go find out if you like that.
  • Sadly no commander or 2-headed-giant so far (but commander might come?!?)

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  1. Thank you for all this, but a decent amount of them say that the code was already redeemed. What could be the reason for this?

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