Magic: The Gathering Arena – Starting Tips

Starting Tips for Beginners

All credit goes to [HdF] Almut Grete !

Starting Out

  • Green decks are easy to play.
  • White decks are easy to play.
  • In general creatures > buffs > removals > spells in general will be easier to use for beginners. Combos, reviving, milling, synergys, counters and so on will be harder to play at first.
  • Do not fear to play “just one color”
  • Try not to get into 3 or more colors to fast
  • Switch around with starter decks and try them before you go build your own
  • Before building decks “from the internet” be sure you have the cards for crafting (prolly around 4-6 mythic, 20 rare). There is no use in building half-a-good-deck, better keep collecting till you can craft-finish one meta-deck you want to use

Daily Quests

  • You can have up to 3 at one time -> doing dailies can be done every 3 days.
  • Daylies give you either 500 or 750 gold -> reroll the once for 500g.
  • There is little win in doing the daily 15-wins quest each day -> do not burn yourself out on this one

Game Modes

  • BO1 is your arcade style “normal game”, BO3 is best of 3 with a side deck versus the same opponent. -> This is the traditional game play but maybe not so good for beginners.
  • Standart is your friend as a beginner, because you got less cards then other ppl.
  • Alchemy is your next best pick since it is the “traditional online experience” (other cards than paper magic).
  • Historic and explorer are great game modes, but you need cards for them. Just going with standart decks into these might not be much fun.
  • You can always stomp bots.
  • You can play all game modes as “ranked” (aside from bot).
  • You have a “constructed” rank for your normal ranked games and a “limited” rank for your draft games (not all draft modes count as ranked)
  • You can always just play friends in 1on1s.
  • Brawl comes in standart and historic format. Go find out if you like that.
  • Sadly no commander or 2-headed-giant so far (but commander might come?!?)
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  1. Brawl is pretty similar to Commander, the historic format can make me forget it’s a new thing sometimes

  2. The from here on out section line 2 there is a very minor typo, also thank you so so much

  3. Great tips!

    One thing worth mentioning is that, moving forward, they are rotating sets out of standard every 3 years instead of every 2 years. This means there will likely be no more than 12 sets in the standard format at any given time (not including mini sets like the “epilogue” set for March of the Machines)

    • Oh ok, i did not know that. I guess it is not a bad thing with the pacing going to be a bit slower then, but good to know.

  4. Fantastic guide! Overall, great work to finally get a leg up on a mobile game, now on PC!

    It’s just too bad that not all of the listed codes are redeemable, but otherwise a good amount still work in the end.

    Another thing I noticed is, apparently the email segment on the upper right corner of the main menu also gives you free packs to redeem!

    So make sure to grab each one before they expire!

    • Yeah the free gifts via mail are also a thing, but it is hoghly dependent on when the account was made. You can also find “deals” in teh shop. I think there was one this week were you can buy 550 g for 45 g. Sometimes there is also free stuff an there or tokens.

  5. Brand new account here, thanks for the code.

    For some of them, game tell us they are alreaby been used (maybe no more avaible now because limited time only ?) Here the list if you want to try on a new account to check :




  6. Ty for this guide. Hope they will develop commander soon, but i think it’s hard, bcs they need to rework new table and positions of champs

  7. Thank you for all this, but a decent amount of them say that the code was already redeemed. What could be the reason for this?

    • If it says the code was already redeemed i would guess you already used them on that MTG Account.
      They are not individual codes, but some are older, so you might have used them (even years ago).

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