Magicite – How to Unlock Djinn Race (Strategies and Tricks)

Magicite is a game that we all know and love, but what makes it so addicting and entertaining? Sure, there are a few problems that are a little out of the ordinary. You don’t have to grind anything in Magicite to unlock items, which is fantastic! Only skill, perseverance, precision, and concentration are required. Although I agree that some challenges may require some theoretical assistance in order to be achieved. And now I’m here to save the day by telling you about several techniques and tricks for uncovering Magicite’s most enigmatic feature: the Djinn race!

Note: This guide is for for Magicite players who have some prior expertise.

Guide to Unlock Djinn Race


  1. Bandicoot

Damn, dude! This guy is too OP! Having +8 ATK right off the bat is truly overpowered! And because we’re looking for as much damage as possible, this race is the best for unlocking the Djinn.

  1. Orclops

This guy hasn’t that juicy +8 ATK, he only has +2 and also lacks an HP point. However he starts with a pickaxe allowing you to mine ores right from the start. As you’re loking for the best gear possible to the 21th district, a pick in the pack could be very handy!

  1. Lizardman

This guys is just like Orclops. Also starts with a pick, has a bonus point in ATK without losing any HP. Pretty similar.

  1. Qualogg

Unexpectedly, Qualogg is also a possible choice for unlocking the Djinn. His bug net says it all. As you’re desperately looking for that Legendary Sword of any kind, you need bugs. Remember that you can only obtain webs from grass or chests at this point. So having s net bug could really save your day. Also +2 ATK boost is great. So don’t forget about this jumpy race whild trying to get Djinn.


  1. Skeleton Mask

Crits for days – that’s what we need! You have to kill th Scourge as fast as possible, so having 25% crit chance should really speed up this process!

  1. Overworld Helm

That’s also a great choice! As you will probably be at level 1 by the moment you meet your good old friend Scourge, your HP will almost never be higher than 20. Actually, most of the time you will have 1-10 HP at the 20th district. That’s 1-2 hits from anything in the Scourge Lair. Going through 20 districts without taking damage and killing anyone is extremely tricky, especially if you’re forced to visit Dungeon or Crator, so if you’re having problems with getting to Scourge healthy enough, you should consider taking this shiny helm with yourself (I hope you have it). To cut it up, with Skeleton Mask on in the Scourge Lair you have to dodge better, but less, as the Scourge falls fairly fast with all those crits; and with Overworld Helm you can afford getting hit a couple of times, but you need more time to defeat the Scourge.

  1. Viking Helm

Very similar to Skeleton Mask. Empowered attack can stack alongside a critical strike and deal devastating damage, however this is much less likely to happen. Take this if you feel lucky.

  1. Bat Wing

This is a number one choice for those of you having perfect control of the character. Bat wings allows player to perform some next level dodging, at the same time requiring some next level coordination. You should try, but I’d recommend more conservative choices.


Floaty Slime

Well, there isn’t much of a choice here. In order to get to the Scourge while harvesting vital resources and not killing anyone in your way requires levitation. This is also great for fighting the Scourge itself as it will never hit you with its ranged attack, because you can quickly change your horizontal position.

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