Makai Kingdom: Reclaimed and Rebound – Early and Mid Game Tips

This short guide will give you a few advices for grinding and levelling in the Makai Kingdom: Reclaimed and Rebound game.

Tips for Early and Mid Game

How to Play

  • Only create a single merchant as your army.
  • Only use the merchant for battle.
  • Create a random character that you’ll only use to walk around in base.


  1. Merchant change stock and price depending on their level (the building shop has fixed everything, not worth buying from there since it’ll forever stay the same level)
  2. Merchant gain more money from killing. it’s one of their passive skills. it ranks up the higher his level (and class rank).
  3. Talking to the merchant while in base lets you shop… buying stuff from him makes him level up too.
  4. Merchant have…. somewhat decent spear and nunchaku skills. While equip stats aren’t so great they can still be used up until the post game. they have decent inventory space allowing them to be used as a “point getter” for items.

Really, all you need to do is to not neglect levelling up the merchant and you’ll be able to buy decent gears at decent prices.

You can also wish for a shop building with a merchant. Don’t forget, the merchant level will be the building level and his stock will be the same. which can also be used as a money buff for battle. it IS a building after all!

This isn’t a game where grinding is particularly necessary until you hit the post game (unless you mess up super badly and get the Bad End but I don’t think that’s even possible without trying to grind badly), the only real strengthening mechanics that carry over in this are Class/Tiers/Stored Stars/Stored Levels and Passive Skills and you need high Star scenery items for reincarnation.

The best Unique Characters at a job are just plain better than pretty much all generics though (their base stats are super high and they come with the passives that they actually use), it’s just a bit of a pain to reincarnate them. You can still use generics it just means they need more grinding to accomplish the same thing (and there’s plenty of room for that, the highest level bonus boss is only level 4000 though).

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