MannaRites – Arcade Mode Guide (Community Content)

Please note: all credit goes to Tainmar!

Description of Arcade Mode features and tips for playthrough.

Guide to Arcade Mode


Arcade mode located in “Community Content” section of main menu.


In the same section of main menu there is an additional game option “Extended Enemy Pack”, which allows you to add several new powerful types of enemies into Arcade Mode, Adventure Mode and Endless Arena!

Note: In “Illusion” from “Other modes” section of main menu you can also training with new enemies added from “Extended Enemy Pack”.

Arcade Mode is a short game session that doesn’t require a slot to save progress. Arcade playthrough limited by one life, and there levels haven’t checkpoints for restarting progress in case of failure.


in co-op, playthrought of arcade session will be interrupted even if only one player loses, therefore in arcade it is especially important to cover and support each other in all possible ways.

After choosing number of players, game difficulty and playing character, player appears in the Weaver’s hideout, and by analogy with how it is implemented in the Endless Arena mode, to start arcade walkthrough, you need to take all the equipment – a random weapon / potion / armor.

In addition, when appears in the Weaver’s hideout, all players will receive 30 skillpoints to selecting talents in the character menu, as well as 4 points immediately available in each Dar’Pillak’s skilltree column.

An arcade walkthrough session always includes six levels to complete. The first five levels are conceptually similar and involve moving forward with fighting with groups of enemies, consisting of randomly selected enemy types. Moreover, levels are also selected randomly, and may not be repeated in another session of Arcade mode, and on some of these levels you may meet elite enemies.

The sixth level will be final in started arcade session game and be like arena location, where you must victory versus only one group of powerful enemies which is always elite.


  1. After completing each standard level, the player will be credited with coins and offered to buy a weapon, armor, accessory or potion, or continue walkthrough (while received coins are saved throughout started arcade session, but their use remains at the choice of the player).
  2. While arcade playthrough, player’s character can increase their level, gaining experience and, accordingly, points for unlocking talents, but this character’s progress is optional during one arcade session.
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