MapleStory – Beginners Guide

This short guide will help newbies to start the game effectively.

Starters Guide

When starting MapleStory you might think the first character you level up and invest in should be your Main. This is not true. I do believe you should make your main and find out what you want to be your main, but you need to make Mercedes, Aran, and Evan before you progress further. Trust me when I say between the two options of making your main first or making these links first, you have to make the links.

Making those 3 characters first will allow you to progress so much faster once they are done because their links decrease training time.

Choosing A Main Character

A main character should be the character you like and want to play the most. Forget about DPM and DPS charts because enjoyability is more important. Also, characters have different uses like some can be great at Bossing while others can be great at farming and mobbing.

Keep in mind that this is a single player game and since you won’t be competing with others … it is kind of dumb to make a character you dislike and invest heavily in them just because of some charts say they are the best.

The top of the DPM Charts are ever changing but at the time of writing the top are Adele, Cadena, Blaster, Kanna, Hoyoung. If you want any of these to be your main, you are in luck!

If you’re wondering why you need to establish a Main, it has to deal with Legion and how that works.

Now that you know what characters to make and which order to make them in, you have to know how to train them all to 120 or 210!

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