Marauders – What to Keep and How to Cheese Some Quests

The short guide on what items you should keep to save some precious time later on!

Items to Keep

All credit goes to AueR!


Hello guys.

I’m nearing the end of the first playthrough (lvl 45+) and I wanted to share some useful tips condensed in one place, so You don’t have to lose time looking for certain things everywhere else.

I’ve prepapred a list of hand-in items and useful tips for some “annoying” quests. (the quest in-map locations and some overview on how to do these can already be found on YouTube so I am not going to re-invent the wheel with that).


Some of the possible hand-in items:

  • 3x Transmitter
  • 1x Nickel Ore
  • 8x Copper Coin
  • 1x Silver Coin
  • 3x 1911 Stamp Pistols
  • 3x Folded Light Bags
  • 1x CA Intel
  • 1x Golden Miner’s Ring
  • 3x Metal Sheet

Zero to Hero

Hand-in items (in chronological order):

  • 3x Junk Scrap
  • 8x Metal Sheets
  • 1x Silver Coin
  • 5x Military Rations (from Ration Crate)
  • 3x Biscuit Tins (Merchant Ship kitchen always spawn these)
  • 3x M1 Flak Rigs (can be crafted)
  • 9x Toolkit (dead miners on Asteroid Mine and Toolboxes everywhere)
  • 1x Nuclear Material (found behind the locked doors on Asteroid Mine, Terraformer and Spaceport/these are the doors, which require a Token to open, f.e.: Miner Token for Asteroid Mine)
  • 12x Methamphetamine (med bags, med crates)
  • 5x Mosin Obrez pistols (can be crafted)
  • 3x U.A Intel Document
  • 1x Gold Bullion (typically found in Vaults, very rare)
  • 3x Medical Crate

Items Required to Be Used in Quests

  • 1911 Government (not stamp) pistols. You need to save them as they are pretty rare. In one of the later missions you will have to kill 12 enemies (can be AI) with having it equipped.
  • Unlock recipe for Bowie Knife later on. You will need this knife equipped to kill NPCs in later quest.
  • Save Trenchguns. You can’t craft them/buy them and You need to kill 25 npcs/players with it equipped.
  • Save BARs and .300 ammo. Towards the end of the Zero to Hero there is a quest, which requires You to kill 15 players with BAR. While BARs themsleves can be pretty easily crafted, the ammo requires 1x Hi-Grade Gunpowder per 20 rounds, so crafting it will be painful.
  • Heavy Thompson/s. You can only find these in Vaults and Merchant Ship armory. You get one as a reward for quest. Extremely rare item and You need to have it on You/use it to kill 25 NPCs/Players.

Quest Protips

  • All “kill x with x” quests can be done with any weapon You want. You just need to have and X item equipped on You.
  • Quest to kill 25 Commando Navy NPCs (only found on rare Capital Frigate spawn) with Trenchgun is currently tuned/bugged and counts all NPC/Player kills (best advice is to roll until You find Navy Outpost with S.A.S AI and just kill everything there).
  • There is no point in completing all the annoying quests if You plan to prestige Your account. Everything goes back to 0 and the exp is not that good. The fastest way to reach lvl 50 would be a mix between doing some easier tasks/contracts and running Navy Outpost, killing as many NPCs as You can and extracting. (can get up to 2k xp per run).

The End

Hope You’ll find this mini-guide useful. Have fun and see You in space, where nobody will hear Your screams, once I breach Your ship!

Egor Opleuha
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