Martha Is Dead – Known Issues Solutions and Workarounds

Guide to Fixes for Known Issues

  • Issue: Cannot Launch 4k
  • State: Investigating
  • Workaround:
  1. Launch the regular DX11 first, set to 4k.
  2. Relaunch with DX12/ RTX.
  3. Now set this to 4k.
  • Issue: Disk write error on download, game will not start
  • State: Investigating
  • Solution: antivirus detects non rtx game exe as virus threat, that’s why it gets deleted and you get disk write error. Recover your game exe from quarantine and add as exception
  • Issue: Motion blur and depth of field are not disabled even after selecting “apply” or restarting the game.”
  • Solution: Motion Blur and Depth of Field can’t be disabled in the RTX version. Suggest they switch to the “recommended” version if they wish to disable Motion Blur and DOF.

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