Marvel’s Midnight Suns – Helpful Tip for Arcane Knowledge

A quick tip to help increase Arcane Level a little faster as you play Midnight Suns.

Arcane Knowledge Advice

All credit goes to Verethragna!

Arcane Knowledge Tip

Something I found far later in my play-through than I would like to admit (Night 19), I realized that the books in the Library change every day and night. Each one that has not been read before will give 5 Arcane Knowledge. I’m not sure how many there are in total, but it helps reach the max of Level 5 a little sooner. Just add it into the routine of petting Charlie, harvesting Wundagore Everbloom and looking for Ebony and that Arcane Level will rise in no time. Since I have not found another guide that lists it, I will include the bonuses that each Arcane Level provides. Cheers!

Arcane Level Benefits

Level / Rewards / Arcane Knowledge Required

  1. +25% bonus resources from pickups: 125
  2. 1 more cosmetic reward from Arcane Chests: 150
  3. 2 more cosmetic rewards from Arcane Chests: 200
  4. Common Chests no longer require an Arcane Key: 300
  5. Rare Chests no longer require an Arcane Key: 450
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