Master of Magic – Casting Skill Guide

Guide to Casting Skill

Casting Skill adds to an “XP” bar. Each time the bar fills up your casting skill goes up by 1.

That means that you can cast 1 extra point of mana each turn.

If your casting skill is 10 and you cast a spell that costs 20 mana, it’ll take 2 turns.

If you keep pumping your Casting Skill and build it up to 20 then that 20 mana spell will need just one turn to cast.

But you have to constantly invest into the Casting Skill for it to slowly improve.

It’s not something you just turn on when you suddenly want to cast big boy spells.

On the top right corner of the mana allocation tab you see can the CS bar, how much “XP” it’s getting per turn and how much you need for it to level up.

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