Master of Orion – Torpedo Usage Guide

The mid-game warfare explained.

Mid-Game Warfare Explanatory Guide


The rule of thumb is:

Use missiles in early game, use energy weapons in the late one.

But what about the mid? The answer is torpedos!

When missiles lose their efficiency because of counter-measures, and beams are not strong enough, the torpedos rule.

They ignore any counter-measures and point-defence. And cause heavy damage, mitigating shield defence. So that’s why torpedos are unstoppable in mid game.


Different types of target require the different type of modifiers:

  • Bases: overload.
  • Capital ships: overload + 360.
  • Medium ships: overload + 360 + semi-guided.
  • Small ships: 360 + fast + semi-guided.

It’s useful to have all of these variants in one ship. The proportions depend on your enemies.

Large packs should be splitter in several packs to prevent over-damaging.

Ship Types

AI usually fires at first available ship. So it’s useful to have two kind of ships: tank and sniper. Every ship technology has two types for that roles.

Fleet Types

Attack and defence fleets should have different ship fitting.

For attack fleet, use Automated repair unit and anti-base modified torpedos. Also pay much attention for the defence against missiles.

For defence fleet, use torpedos modified for agile targets. ARU is not required because the ships will be repaired by Outpost or Base.

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