Maytroid – How to Enable Uncensor Content (R18 Patch)

This will go over the steps to obtain and install the patch to remove censorship from the gallery.

Guide to Enable Uncensor Content (R18 Patch)


Step 1

Download the developer R-18+ patch for Maytroid.

Step 2

Locate the game folder starting from your steam install folder:

  • “Steam\steamapps\common\Maytroid. I swear it’s a nice game too”

Move the downloaded “Maytroid Un.exe” program into this folder if you have not already done so.

Step 3

Run the “Maytroid Un.exe” program (you may need administrator privileges depending on the location of your steam install directory). A WinRAR self-extractor wizard will open.

Step 4

Follow the install instructions as follows. I was using EN-US system locale but the self-extractor launched in Russian so pay attention to the following visuals.

In this window, you need to enter the password: havefun2

Step 5

The uncensored assets are now available in the gallery. Note that you still need to unlock the images to view them.

If you want to prevent Steam Updates from undoing any of these changes in case of a future update, you can right click on Maytroid in the Steam library, go to properties, and disable the “Steam Cloud” option under Updates.

Important Note

When I tested this installation, it deleted my save data from the regular steam version so only use at your own risk!

Written by OmegaKnuckles

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