MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries – Beginners Guide to Handling Mechs

Beginners Guide to Maneuver Your Mech Properly

All credit goes to Agent Orange!

I will keep it short and simple.

  1. Press “+” on your numpad to deactivate the constant throttle. It will be much easier and precise to operate your mech now. You will have to do this in every battle once at the beginning.
  2. Press and hold “F” while you maneuver to align your legs with your torso. That way you can easily walk towards where you aim. This is very convenient when walking from checkpoint to checkpoint and especially helpful in battle when you need to turn fast but also have to keep focused on your target.

The game doesn´t tell you this, so I hope this helps.

About Your Teammates

You will need to constantly order your mates around, otherwise they won´t do much.

Press F1 to activate all of them and F1 again to have them engage your target.

Afterwards, activate all of them again and press F2 to make them follow you, otherwise they will often walk off towards the map edge.

This should be enough knowledge to get you through the first battles and gain some experience.

Max Out Your Armor

The mech design capabilities are very limited in this game because hard points are mostly fixed, but it is absolutely important that you max out your armor!

Take out ammo or an entire weapon system and max out the armor, you will need around 70-80% front armor and 20-30% back armor on all your mechs to survive.

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  1. best mod of this game is getting Betty’s sweet slightly robotic voice back in the cockpit

  2. I’ve found that your lance mates will tend to attack whatever you have targeted regardless if you order them to attack your target or not…. I don’t order my lance to do much of anything other than concentrate fire on key mechs from time to time. During the last few missions toward the end game, I did a lot of set piece defensive draw-out tactics, and ordered them into certain positions, but that was about it. They respond really well against VTOL and tanks etc if you don’t order them, they just start shooting stuff on their own.

  3. +rep 5min read of this guide and you can walk into the game for the first time like you’ve played for a year.

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