Meet Your Maker – Gameplay FAQ

Gameplay Questions

What happens when my Outpost is retired?

When your Outpost becomes retired it will no longer be able to extract GenMat, cannot be found in the matchmaking menu, and may only be playable when you active it is using the Social option.

Retired outposts will remain in your Build menu until they are manually deleted.

Why can’t I prestige my Outpost anymore?

Once an Outpost has prestige 10 times it will no longer be able to be prestige again. When the final amount of GenMat has been extracted the Outpost will become retired.

What are ranks? What are ranking points?

Once you reach level 6 you begin to earn ranking points that contribute to your rank. The number of ranking points you have will determine what rank you are. There are 4 ranks: Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Master. In each rank there is 4 sub ranks (I, II, III, IV) these will indicate your progress in said rank. The exception to this is Master rank, which will replace the sub rank with a numbered rank that indicates your place amongst other Master rank players.

Do I earn rewards on my outpost when “Social” Is active?

No. Activating an Outpost using the Social option will not earn you progress or rewards when you kill Raiders.

How do I save my outpost? Is my outpost automatically saved?

Outposts are automatically saved to our servers as they are built. If you are disconnected while building, your Outpost will be saved from the last triggered autosave point.

When playing in co-op do both players receive rewards?

When playing in co-op both players will receive rewards individually. These are not shared between both players.

During Raiding, Players will receive GenMat based on whether they are able to steal and successfully escape with the material. All loot dropped and experience earned is earned individually.

While Building, Players will both earn rewards/experience during the build, however: Only the host will receive GenMat extracted from the Outpost and will be the only one to receive rewards from Skulls left behind from killed Raiders.

Does Meet Your Maker have co-op?

Yes! In Meet Your Maker, team up with a friend and play our 2-player co-op, available for both building and raiding.

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