Meet Your Maker – Tips and Tricks You Dont Know!

Raider Tips

Did you know that… for Movement…

  1. You can jump, then double jump off of a grapple point by latching to the wall/ceiling first. Listen or feel for the latching on animation before jumping. Equally release grapple by pressing the grappling button again.
  2. Jumping while reeling in with the grapple maintains your horizontal movement from grappling.
  3. You can grapple and reel through at least 1 corrosive cube without dying.
  4. The grappler will eventually reach its destination despite how long it is and grapple you towards it. This is good to know when trying to grapple on to something just out of reach, as soon as you are allowed to grapple there, it will reach it despite falling down or back.
  5. Landing from a long fall, you become slowed. You deny the slowdown by grappling into something at any point.

Did you know that… for Weapons…

  1. You can deflect Bolts with the light sword
  2. You can headshot armored targets, bypassing the armor.
  3. You can target the head with Melee weapons, bypassing the armor. A succesful headshot with melee is indicated with a vertical strike.
  4. You can hit multiple objects with a melee weapon (Particularly the Sledgesword) by not targeting for a lunge attack and swing normaly. Quickly move your sword as it swings across the desired traps.
  5. Lunge attacks do not have to reach your target to hit it. You can get yourself stuck behind geometry and lunge attack something and hit it despite being a block away.
  6. You can quickly combine your ranged and melee weapon in a quick combo as long as both weapons are out of cooldown. Good for double hitting armored targets, or taking out traps quickly.
  7. Blocking with the shield destroys directly physical traps like the Piston or Impaler when they try to hit you while blocking. Same is said for the grappler.
  8. Lunge attacks can sometimes pit you into death. Be weary of hitting incinerators.
  9. Blocking with the shield destroys directly physical traps like the Piston or Impaler when they try to hit you while blocking. Same is said for the grappler trap.

Did you know that… for Gadgets…

  1. The grenade does not bounce much from the ground, try practicing!
  2. The Pheonix Pod only works before taking the genmat, or after. Placing the pheonix pod and then taking the genmat will remove the pod. If you are at the genmat, feel free to place one right after taking it.
  3. The Pheonix Pod still counts you as having died if ressurected. Look at the pheonix pod as a “Self ressurect” for not playing in Coop.
  4. Stamina boost can be canceled into from shooting, attacking etc.
  5. Force Field can be shot out of, and destroys any trap it touches. If it perfectly encapsulates a trap, it wont destroy it. So be weary.
  6. Enemies can still kill you inside a Force Field if they happen to stick their shooting hand in the field.
  7. Plasma AOE from the eyeball traps can still kill you through the force field if the Aoe is right next to you. The Projectile does get deleted by the force field if hit directly.

Did you know that… for Traps…

  1. Any explosives will have a yellow or red circle indicator. Red means in range to die from the explosion. Yellow is close, and notifying you of that fact.
  2. Certain traps dont kill you instantly, such as the corrosive cube. If you sustain this type of damage for one milisecond too long, then you die.
  3. Enforces always aim at your current position, so you can easily strafe them despite their firing rate.
  4. Hitting armored targets with armor breaking weapons interrupts them for half a second.
  5. Active fire kills you instantly on touch, but not Napalm.
  6. Plasma Cubes have a deceivingly fast projectile up close, this could be because it fires from its surface directly.
  7. Bomb Ejectors that are above tend to be safe to grapple towards in order to avoid the bombs (Be weary of how close it is, and if it is accompanied by another trap)
  8. Hollow cubes that are active do NOT have a flicker, instead they have a wavey effect. Additionally, you can detect an active hollowcube with lungable melee weapons, indicated by the red cursor when aiming at it close enough, and your weapon hand raising.
  9. You can hit erected impailers and pistons with ranged or melee.

Did you know that… for Combos…

  1. Melee suit upgrade, particularly the [increase movement speed by x% for 4 seconds after hitting a trap with melee] combines very well with the Stamina boost.
  2. Grenades are a good substitute for taking out traps when you cannot reach your ammo without taking out other traps around them.
  3. Ranged weapon upgrades are extremely good with the Ranged suit upgrades.
  4. Shield upgrades allow you a moment to then deploy a Force field, which you then use to cooldown the shield weapon.
  5. Volt lancer + Light sword can quickly combo and kill any armored target. Equally the opposite (Sledgesword + Crossbow).

Builder Tips

Did you know that… for General Building…

  1. You can click + Hold and Drag to create a wall of blocks. You can change the direction of the wall/ceiling/floor. Reserved for building blocks only.
  2. You can only undo 1 move, use it to bypass having to reselect something.
  3. Building blocks do not count towards the danger level of your outpost.
  4. Decal placement is infinite, but unique decals is not. Same for decoration. You are objectively an a**hole for spamming decals, making an eyesore in hopes to hide traps…
  5. Decoration can help hide or visually enhance your levels.
  6. Decorations can change the look of the surface of your blocks, certain decorations are great for this.
  7. You can copy a block/trap, decor or decal. You will always first copy the decal, then decor and then the block if they are overlayed on top of eachother, unfortunately.
  8. Copied blocks or traps do not retain mods or decals.
  9. Most if not all blocks have different surfaces. Spin and rotate the blocks to suit the best look.
  10. Small maps have 1 Forsaken Tomb, Medium have 2, Large have 3. Find them, and mark where they are for either tempting the Raider into potential danger, or give them out as freebies with obvious indicators as to where they are so the Raider can go on to do your base. You are objectively an a**hole if you completely block the Forsaken tombs from being reached.
  11. Forsaken Tombs are side quests for Raiders. You do not loose anything for them taking it.
  12. The foundation rocks can help you save up on capacity. Such as If there is a big vertical formation of foundation blocks, you can use that as an opportunity to create a building to climb inside of. Same goes for the floor beneath.

Did you know that… for Base building Challenge Rating…

  1. Traps and Guards add to your challenge rating of your outpost. From Normal, dangerous and Brutal and will appear in the different challenge playlists.
  2. Trying to build a Normal Map to get a wide audience can be good for any map size. Not using the building capacity to its fullest is not a bad thing.
  3. You can check if you reached a transition point between challenge rating by noticing it changing. You can make a normal map at the brink of becoming Dangerous.
  4. Normal maps can still be brutaly hard with good trap and guard upgrades as well as just good design in general.
  5. Since normal maps can be brutaly hard, Brutal maps imply using the capacity to its fullest with traps and guards.
  6. Try not to exceed into Brutal or Dangerous territory with a small map despite having prestieged as you will not reach the same ideal building capacity as a large map. (Same said for Medium dangerous becoming brutal).

Did you know that… for Trap building…

  1. There are currently 2 types of playstyles to consider: A Slow and tactful style and a Fast and Dodgy style. Certain trap formations will help versus one or the other.
  2. Pistons and Flamers are a good trap to halt and challenge speedy players.
  3. Mines, impalers and Guards are good at challenging slow players.
  4. Second Wave mod on traps takes about 2-4 seconds to fully activate when the Raider takes the genmat. Keep that in mind.
  5. Always close off corrosive cubes from the outside or else potentially have a Raider steal the genmat without going through your intended path.
  6. You can combine certain traps to do something new. A plasma cube is also equally a platform. A corrosive cube is also equally a pit of which an enforcer can get launched into if shot at (taking the bullet with him).
  7. Create distraction traps, a trap designed to take the attention away from another trap.
  8. Protect one trap, with another trap to always keep the raider guessing.

Did you know that… for Base building Etiquette (For making better bases)…

  1. Use pathfinding decals or decor to help Raiders find forsaken tombs (Or lure them). It is always fun to read the builders intention, so make your intentions clear.
  2. Killboxes are not fun. They usually are made of a hall of pistons, corrosive cubes, claws and incenirators. These killboxes are effective, but likely to not win you any accolades the more this design is being recognized and copied. If you wish to be brutal with your map, come up with your own damn idea!
  3. The entrance does not always have to be at the very front/start. Make the entire map a part of your map.
  4. Do not fret over Co-op, coop players are often more reckless and its all for fun anyway. So design your outpost as a single player base first and foremost.
  5. Bases do not always have to be linear. Giant rooms with lots of danger can be fun as well. Maze like levels are also welcomed, given that the maze itself isnt frustrating.

This is coming from a guy who made a NORMAL hook platform challenge map with a frustrating maze of red herrings if they want to skip it, also killing the genmat doggy with a piston.


  1. Getting killed because the map maker hid a trap with decals is definitely skill issue and not a++hole behavior, your tastes aesthetic wise mean nothing. i didn’t see a complaint on the dead by daylight blocks being the same texture and color of traps, same principle of using decor as a weapon.

    • You pretending or something? There was many times mentioned the DBD blocks being the same colour as traps, literally a patch made the DBD blocks more rustic.

      The idea isnt about skill issue, but rather making an Eye Sore with Decor.

      Did you do this maybe? 😉

  2. > You can grapple directly to an Enemy, including the Harvester.

    This is partially incorrect in the current build of the game. The harvester will immediately disconnect your grapple if you try to latch on to him.

  3. Ill definitely be sending this on to my friends!

    Very excited for other builders to finish unlocking all their traps and mods, i think were gonna start seeing a lot more variance in level design once their all done frantically hoarding cells and synthite

  4. guys if you want to give the treasure but want something for it, you can put 2 corrosive cubes above and let people fall into it, as long as you can fall into it you get in and can get the treasure, but cant get out so they get the treasure and you get a death.

  5. I think I ran your maze! It was awesome, took me a minute to figure out the trick with the dog. great map.

    • You mean the hook challenge map? Yeah, the maze is to hide the actual challenge which is the hook path. Otherwise, you may figure out the harvester path. Its just not the point.

  6. Thank you, i agree with all you said, especially the Etiquette part. Making Killboxes is “good” gameplay-mechanics wise but will definitely kill the game in the long run. They can also be fun, and i dont mind running one now and then =)
    But when i see the same layout three raids in a row, i just go back to raiding dangerous or normal for awhile.
    How did you manage to kill the doggy with a piston btw?

    • You can place a piston where the harvester is at the very start, and it will kill him.
      A raider can still save the harvester with a quick volt lancer shot on spawn. I personally do not agree that this can be done, although Ide rather nerf the piston timing on level start so that raiders can make the shot easier if they figure it out.

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